John and Christian with Angel

This is me trying to guide my brother who refuses to listen to me.

Having a relationship with your Spirit Guides is very important because it is their job to help you navigate through your physical incarnation. They are there to assist you in any manor you need.

To have a better relationship with them you must be very open to their presence. To do this you must have an acceptance and awareness of the Spirit Realm first. This is achieved by having knowledge of the Spirit Realm through study and meditation. Meditation makes you more relaxed both physically and mentally. It is much easier for Spirits to contact to you when you are in this state. Being in this state is healthier for you, too. This is because you are more conscious of your thoughts and you can relax your body easier; therefore, you will have less anxiety, which leads to physical illness as well as mental.

The most common times that people are aware of Spirits is during meditation or else when falling asleep or first awakening. The first time my mother clearly heard my voice after I crossed over was when she was in the shower. This is a time when she is very relaxed.

I think that you need to beware that Spirit is always trying to contact you but  most people are not always open to their communication. There are very important reasons why Spirit is always trying to contact you. Spirit wants to help you in any and all ways. There is also the fact that family and friends would like to maintain a relationship with you after they cross over.

You need to be in a constant state of openness to hear your Spirit Guides. We must be able to have a clear, open and calm mind to achieve this. This can be difficult to do especially when under stress. We must try our best to remain relaxed as much as possible. This is, again, best achieved through meditation. We need to have a clear mind which is the main thing that meditation helps with.

You may have an open two way relationship with Spirit Guides if you chose to do so. The fact that you cannot hear them does not mean that they are not there.They are always with you, guiding you, whether you realize it or not.

Any time that you wish you may speak to them, whether out loud or in your head, they can hear you either way. They will respond but you must be open to the fact that they may not directly speak back to you. They may answer through signs in nature or your every day life. They can respond through other people or even your pets.

There are many ways to communicate with your Guides. Some are able to directly speak with and hear their Spirit Guides and some will go to see a psychic medium, read their own Tarot deck or make an appointment with someone who reads Tarot. All of these methods are perfectly acceptable as long as you maintain contact with them on your on a daily basis.

The best thing to do is to merely get into the habit of speaking to them as you would anyone else but you also need to get into the habit of listening. This will get you into the habit of being aware of their presence. This then will be the catalyst of beginning to be able “hear” them.  In this manner they will be able to guide you to a better life much more quickly and easily.  – John