I never knew what Mercury in retrograde meant until recently. I read it in a newsletter I receive. Now I wish I had not read it because I cannot help but wonder if I am merely attracting this stuff.

Last Thursday I went to the warehouse of Bulk Apothecary to pick up my order. Upon arriving home I found that there was a tiny mistake with my order. I called them immediately and, being the wonderful helpful people they are, said they would ship me a a replacement (I do not have a car so getting around can be difficult). Soon after I received an e-mail saying that my replacement has been shipped. I tracked the package and noticed that it was already at the Akron post office. I was in awe at their quick  service.

The next day I checked on my replacement order and noticed it was at the Cleveland post office. I thought this a bit odd as I am a twenty minute drive from the warehouse. They are located in the same county as Akron and I am in the next county north. Neither of us are located in the same county as Cleveland but maybe it needed to go to Cleveland for some reason. It said that I would receive my item on Monday, April 10 and I anxiously awaited for the day as the item I needed was tea tree essential oil which I use for all of my house cleaning.

Sunday evening I check on my package and it says it is in Denver, Colorado. What? Could not be further from Ohio. I thought that surely USPS.com was on the fritz and I would receive my tea tree as scheduled. I was wrong.

It is Tuesday evening and USPS.com is stating that my essential oil is still in Denver but shipment has been suspended. Not to worry because Bulk Apothecary is taking care of my tea tree problem.

My favorite tea is loose leaf ceylon from nuts.com. I ran out about a month ago and did not get around to ordering it until this past Friday. They ship immediately and you can track your package via UPS.com shortly afterward. It said my tea and other goodies would arrive at my home on Tuesday. When I checked this morning, my tea had arrived in the UPS facility not even a half an hour from home. Later, it stated my order is on the truck for delivery to my home. It is now Tuesday, 8:51 pm. Still no tea.

Yesterday, for some unknown but wonderful reason, I receive a tremendous coupon from Bulk Apothecary. It was only good for yesterday so I immediately placed an order. Since I do not have a car and the people who drive me around are also running short on vehicles, it is increasingly difficult to be mobile so I scheduled my arrival to pick up my order for this Friday, which is the only day my friend can lend me her car.

Around noon today I receive a call from Donna at Bulk Apothecary informing that they are closed Friday for the holiday. Now, when I was there last week I did notice the sign on the door; however, since I do not celebrate Easter, I did not retain the information. I have no idea how I will get there or when, but, in the meantime, I need to pray that no one orders a flavor of lip balm that I do not already have made up.

I ordered a birthday present for my youngest son last week. The shop owner shipped item immediately. For some reason, the tracking number is on the USPS.com site but it is not tracking. It seems as though Christian’s present should have arrived by now.

Christian’s girlfriend flew into town last night from Finland. Her flight was three hours late.

I have had the most horrendous day today than I have had in a very, very long time. I vape and, before anyone gets on their high horse and tries to judge me, I am much healthier now than when I smoked over two packs a day from the age of 13 to the age of 50. I ran out of e-liquid today. No nicotine. I had to wait for my ex-husband to get home from work to take me to the store because, again, no car.

To add to this bad day, as I have mentioned, John took his own life on Mother’s Day in 2014. The past two years, beginning in March, I would have dreams about the event which would go on up until Mother’s Day; however, for the most part I did pretty well, except for Mother’s Day itself. This year I am having no dreams which I can remember but this year has been the most difficult of them all. As I was telling my sister, I think it is because I am now dealing with empty nest syndrome and missing all of my children.

I am no longer going to read and learn any more about astrology. It is too dangerous for me. Thank you for reading my vent. – Michelle