My youngest son went through a time where he was asking me about aliens. Not as in from other countries, but other planets. Now, he claims that he does not believe in them but the fact that he kept asking makes me suspicious that he just might believe. He does not want to appear weird or crazy so he keeps his mind closed to such matters (including his mother’s psychic abilities).

Every time he would ask me I would become nervous and try to avoid the questions. My son is extremely persistent and would not let up. I did not know why these questions bothered me so, but they did. The last time he asked if I believed there were aliens from other planets, I had had enough and nearly lost it. I became angry and said, “look, this Universe is bigger than we know. Anything is possible and do you not think it is very arrogant to believe that we are the only ones in it?” That was the last time he brought the subject up.

During my studies of Spirituality, I would watch many videos to get as much information as I could. Needless to say, I would come across videos about UFO’s, aliens and abductions. These videos always gave me a queasy feeling and I would get anxious.

One evening while watching one such video, John interrupts me and says, “mom, I want to tell you why these videos make you nervous.” My first thought was, “oh, god, do I really want to hear this?”

My eldest child proceeds to tell me that when I was about 13 years old I was abducted by aliens while riding home from school on the bus. I have no memory of this and found it hard to believe. Apparently, the other children nor the school bus driver have any memories of this either.

John tells me that I was abducted due to my psychic abilities. From what I understand, these days they do not abduct only people who have psychic abilities; however, back in the 1970’s they did. I was told they had a hybrid program going on where they wanted to have beings who were part alien and part human with psychic abilities.

After John crossed over I had a reading done by a psychic medium who is very good. Her name is Lisa Powers and you can find her information on our Resource Page. She begins our reading by saying “you have five children.” I said, “no, I have four. I lost two babies several years ago and then there is John and my youngest.” She merely dropped the matter and proceeded with my reading. I really thought nothing further of it because I assumed that she just heard Spirit wrong.

John tells me that the aliens harvested my eggs and around 1999 on Earth’s timeline, used them to create another being. Therefore, Lisa heard correctly and I have four sons and one daughter. Technically, my youngest son is not from Earth and his name is Zearab.

I have had serious trouble believing this.  First, because I have no memory of it. I always feel that if I do not remember something then it did not happen. I have gone through periods of time where I believe and then I have periods of time where I just cannot see how it is possible. The thing is that for the first time, I channeled Zearab today. Other races are more advanced than we are. This includes Spiritually so channeling aliens is very common.

Zearab and I have decided that we would do a Spirit drawing of him and he would write a blog post one day so that you may be introduced to my fifth child.

If anyone has any knowledge or experience with hybrids, abductions and/or channeling beings from other planets, I would very much appreciate hearing from you in the comments. – Michelle