Many over the counter medications and treatments may be helpful in the short term but they are not very safe. They have chemicals and toxins in them that can be very harmful over prolonged use. We must be aware of these things as the long term results are not very beneficial for your health.

There are many blogs and websites out there that have home remedies and other treatments. My mom’s favorite is DIY Natural, which can be found on our Resource Page. They have many recipes for ailments, medications, cleaners, cosmetics and toiletries.

My mom has been suffering with an upper respiratory infection and sore throat for the past two days. She looked up a recipe for vapor rub, whipped some up and has been using that. She also made some steam using eucalyptus essential oil and peppermint essential oil. This has been very helpful in easing her breathing and chest pain. She has also been taking spoonfuls of raw local honey for her throat and drinking hot water with lemon and honey.

Another thing that my mom did was to make herself some medicinal soup. She does not use a recipe for this but just makes it off the top of her head. She has become so proficient in herbs that she knows what to put in the soup to help her feel better. She used turmeric and other herbs and spices and then added chia seeds and spirulina. This adds a lot of protein for energy and the turmeric is good for the cold symptoms.

After having the soup and using the other treatments, my mom is already feeling better. She has much of what she needs in the house because she has been making her own products for quite a few years now. At first, making your own products may seem expensive but you must build your stock supplies gradually. Also, remember that many of these supplies go a long way. Essential oils, for instance only require a few drops and will last quite a long time.

We also must take into consideration that the chemicals and GMO’s in medicinal products and foods calcify the pineal gland. This keeps us from thinking clearly and critically. This will also block your psychic abilities, including intuition.

She buys her supplies from a warehouse down the road from where she lives. They are extremely economical and their products are high quality. They are also an on-line store so people who do not live in the area can purchase from them. Their website is bulkapothecary.com and you will find them on our resource page also. – John