Wow. Although we have discussed this issue many times in the past, we could not have said this better than this blog piece. This is so very important. Please read.

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People who belong to a cult will — as members of the cult — insist that they are there of their own volition, and are not (in any way) being brainwashed.  They will inform you about how secure and happy they are.  The leaders of the cult will inform them about what is what and how things should be done, and they (the leaders) will not (under any circumstances) invite them to question everything and to go beyond the patterns provided.

Society, as it currently exists, is largely like that; it is very “cult-like” in the way it operates.  However, most people do not want to go into that possibility… just like the way cult members do not want you to question their position within the cult.  Whether we care to admit it or not, politics, religion, education, and similar branches of society are very cult-like.  Suggesting, for instance, that…

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