John’s boats…ooops…sorry, I meant shoes.

After John crossed over I placed his shoes by the back door and left them there. They have been sitting there for two years and eleven months. I have not been able to remove them from the back door due to sentimental reasons.

As I was sitting on the couch in my living room just a bit ago, I glance into the kitchen to see John standing between the back door and my baker’s rack. I started giggling and when I inquired as to what he was doing he told me he was by his shoes. When I asked why he responded with “they need to be cleaned”. My son was a clean freak and exceedingly organized in this life. I said, “John, they have not been used in three years. Why would they need cleaning?” He said, “they are dusty.”

With dust cloth in hand, I head towards the back door. Sure enough, he was right. Those shoes were so dusty that I had to empty them out the back door.

My son is now happy that his shoes are clean. Never mind the fact that should he care to appear in said shoes, he can manifest them clean and sparkling new if he so chooses. – Michelle