Lake Erie at Sunset, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Photography by Michelle Buchheit-Schill

When I came to the realization that “it’s only a game”, I received an overwhelming sense of freedom. I learned this while studying Spirituality. In Shakespeare’s words, “all the world’s a stage”.

At some point during my early teenage years, after giving up my studies of Spirituality and shutting down my psychic abilities, I had forgotten this reality. It was religious teaching that was the main catalyst in making my final decision on foregoing my passion (and a bit of society, too). This is their ultimate goal, however. To make you forget that you are more than what they would like you to believe and that this is not the true reality. It is a part of the whole reality but it is the least real. I knew this as a child but I fell into the trap of the powers that be.

When we know that this is not the end all and be all, that death is not the end and birth was not the beginning, we then realize our true selves, our true power and our true infinity.

We are more than just these physical bodies and we are much more than the roles we play during these incarnations. We are infinite beings who come from Source/The Creator/The Universe/God. Therefore where are part and parcel of all that is. We are one with the Creator and therefore we are all one and united.

It is when we remember this that we realize our beauty and our strength. We begin to understand our power as One. We realize that there is more than this place, this planet, this physical life and this physical body. We begin to understand the vastness of our existence. Mortality is merely an illusion of the physical. We do not die. Only our physical bodies do.

When I remembered this, I obtained freedom and joy. – Michelle