“Our Yearly Visitor”. Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

We all must have a connection with Spirit. This is vital to our well being, both physically and Spiritually. When we have a connection to Spirit we are more equipped to be the best we can be. Maintaining this connection on a consistent basis is essential.

We can maintain this connection with several different methods.We must be able to remain in the higher vibrational frequencies in order to do this. Therefore, meditation is very important to your connection. We must learn to make it a habit to meditate for at least 20 minutes every day. This will raise your vibrational frequency and help keep you more connected to Spirit.

Once you have a higher vibrational frequency, you may then be more able to keep your mind open to hearing the nuances that Spirit sends your way. This varies from person to person, but when you are more familiar with your way of communication with Spirit then you will be in the habit of being aware when Spirit is reaching out to you. This is a process that takes time and patience. You will get the hang of it once you have put your mind to it.

Another way to consistently remain connected to Spirit is through nature. Mother Nature is a Spirit in and of herself. Many refer to her as Gaia, also. She is the Spirit of the planet Earth and she is very real and very much an entity all her own. She has feelings and connects with beings just as any other Spirit does.Therefore, it is important to remain connected to nature on a daily basis. Being out in the woods or near water is a perfect way to do this. Meditating while in nature has fantastic benefits. You can also merely go and sit out in your yard, on the deck or on your porch. All of these are connecting to nature. When you do so be sure that you are fully of aware of the beauty of nature and appreciating it. Merely appreciating nature makes a connection to nature.

Another way to connect to Spirit is to be more willing to be aware of the Spirits around you. We all have Spirits around us but few are aware of this. We must understand that we need these Spirits to help us with our daily life and decisions. Being aware of them is very important. When we are in touch with our Spiritual side we automatically become aware of other Spirits around us. This usually comes in the form of “feeling” their presence. There are many who can see the energy of Spirits, see Spirits, hear Spirits, etc. All of these are very good ways of being aware. There is no one way that is better than another. We all have our own unique style and we must find what is best for us as an individual. This is not something which should be compared to how others do this.

We can also be aware of Spirits by trying to remember our “dreams”. The best way to do this is to meditate before falling asleep, keeping a dream journal, being in a more conscious state while sleeping and taking Vitamin B. These will help to improve the memory of your dreams. Although not all dreams are communications with the Spirit Realm, many are. When we begin to remember our dreams we will also begin to remember our communications with Spirit while we are sleeping. This is something that is very important.

We must remember that we are Spirits before we are human. We were Spirits before we incarnated into this life and we will be Spirits when we leave this life. This means that connection to the Spirit Realm is very important. – John