“Purple Fairy”. Spirit Art by Michelle and Tina Schill.

We have just been having a discussion about how it is that you can experience physical sensations during a dream visit with loved ones who have crossed over. The “dreams” are really not dreams per se, but actual visits. Please remember that the Spirit Realm is more real than the Physical Realm and, therefore, the Physical Realm is much more of a dream than the Spiritual.

When we are in Spirit we have the ability to feel much as when we are in the Physical. We need to be more aware of how this works in order to understand it but this is a difficult concept to grasp while still incarnated. My mom once asked if we were able to feel how hot it was on a summer day which was extremely hot. We told her that we could and she was very shocked by this. The reason is that we need to understand that Spirits can feel beyond emotions, also. We can feel but it is really not the same as when we are in the Physical Realm. The discomfort level is not the same. It is less intense than when in the Physical Realm, however, we can still feel it. We have the sense of touch, smell and sight. We can also hear better than when we are in the Physical Realm. This is the reason that people who are more in tune with the Spiritual Realm have a sensitivity to sound. They can perceive both sides so the sounds are much more intense than someone who is not connected.

we must be more open to understanding that we are more Spirit than human to be able to understand these things. When you are having a “dream visit” with loved ones who have crossed over it is very real and really does not fall under the category of “dream”. You are actually in the other realm with your loved one and you can perceive everything during this visit, including smell, touch, sight and even taste. The trick is being able to remember the visit upon awakening. Most people do not remember their visits. People have many more visits with loved ones than they realize.

Being able to attribute the senses to both sides of the veil is very important. The reason we come to Earth is to experience things differently than in the Spirit Realm. It makes it very difficult to understand and remember how things work over here due to Spiritual amnesia.

How we perceive the five senses in the Spirit Realm is a little difficult to explain. We can feel through the use of our loved ones bodies or we can perceive them through energetic fields. This is difficult to understand while still incarnated but it is real and it does work.

When you are visiting with loved ones in Spirit, you are not in your Physical body and,therefore, you are not using it. At the same time, you are still able to experience the five senses. You are doing this the same way that you did before you incarnated.

We must be very open minded when we are thinking about how things work in the Spirit Realm. We must remember that it is difficult to perceive while incarnated. Anything is possible because this is a very vast Universe. It is very difficult for the human mind to perceive how things function and work unless it can be measured and labeled. – John