Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

I became interested in Astral Projection after I had had a few spontaneous OBEs. I had heard others speak of their experiences and found it interesting but I had never thought it possible for me. That was until, on more than one occasion, I had found myself in other areas of my home immediately upon lying down for the night. I spoke of these spontaneous experiences in a previous blog post.

I soon began to learn all that I could about Astral Projection. I read blogs, read books, spoke to others who were adept at Astral Travel and began meditating to guided Astral Projection audios. This all caused me to become very frustrated because I was not having any success and could not figure out what I was doing wrong.

Thankfully, it was my connection to the Spirit Realm where I found my answers. John, who never believed anything Spiritual during his physical life, was now an expert. He gave me advice and told me what I needed to do to accomplish this. After every attempt we discussed what I could have done differently and what I was doing that was not helping.

Even with this information, it has still been difficult. There are those who Astral Projecting comes natural to. I, however, am not one of them and must work diligently at it. It has been two years since I have started practicing this and I am still not where I would like to be even though I can, technically, Astral Project.

At first it was fear and nervousness which were my enemies. I was afraid because I did not know what to expect. I was tense as I meditated and this got me no where.

Then I had problems with my maternal emotions. The thought of seeing my children, father and other loved ones (especially John), was just too much for me. The thought of being in the same realm with them brought such excitement that I would sometimes begin to cry. Maybe it was just too soon after John transitioned and I was not in the right place with my grief.

After I got over being emotional and began to have some experiences, I began to compare what I went through with others. This is a big mistake. I would hear people say that they experienced strong vibrations running through their body and/or they would hear a loud noise as they were leaving their body. Neither of these were happening to me and I could not figure out why. I was having other sensations but not what I had heard about.

I began by having very sharp prickling in my feet which would eventually travel up my legs. There were times when this came close to being painful. I would also feel feathers brush against my face and would feel myself rocking, although I do not believe that I physically was rocking. I would also have the feeling that may face was pulling and becoming distorted, mush as a stroke victim. There were times I would feel as if I were dancing or moving my head even though I was not. It was weighing on me too much as to why my experiences were different than others.

Eventually, I arrived at the point where everything behind my closed eyes began to look very three dimensional. I saw dark shadows of people, colors and lights. I soon realized that if I focused on one of them I would then Astral Project. My problem was that my clarity and awareness were not good and I could not clearly see where I was or who I was with.

I came to the realization that I could exit my body by focusing on one of the objects I was seeing by events that would happen when I laid down to sleep at night. Since I live in a rural area it is very dark in the house after I turn off the lights. Upon closing my eyes, I would sometimes meditate myself to sleep because I thought this would be helpful for the ME/CFS. When colors or shapes appeared I began to focus on them because they are so lovely. The next thing I knew, I was seeing my bedroom although my eyes were closed. I did not technically Astral Project but sort of popped up, hovered and took a peek around. This lead me to believe that I could use this method to Astral Project and things began to progress more smoothly for me. These days I wear an eye mask when meditating and I find it fascinating that at night, with lights off, eyes closed and eye mask on, I can pop up and see my room.

As I mentioned, although things are improving, I am still not where I wish to be. I am still having trouble with clarity, awareness and control. My biggest problem is not being excited about seeing everyone, so much as it is that I am excited at being successful. Upon feeling myself leave my body, I look around and think, “I did it”. I am so excited with my success that I end up right back in my body.

I have had a few experiences where I was able to see things clearly. There was one time I clearly saw clouds directly above me as I was flying through the bright blue sky. I looked to my right and there was my beautiful oldest child, John, flying right next to me.

There was another time in which my children, my uncle and I went down to the river where we were watching some boys fishing on a raft. This was last fall when the leaves were at their peak. I was hoping to feel more healthy so that I could down to the river and do some Spirit Photography with my son, Ricky.

Once I had a strong desire to see the Galaxy up close and personal. While Astral Projecting I had the opportunity to see it clearly. It appeared as sort of an orangeish swirl with stars and kind of misty looking. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

These instances are too few and far between for me. I am trying to practice more and the other night I did have a lot of fun. I was trying to Astral Project, which I did succeed in but my clarity was still not good. I would at times get glimpses of the door in my bedroom and I could see the outlines, which look like shadows, of my family members. I made a game of it by trying to guess who was who. At one point, I asked, “John, is that you?” I received the usual hand zap from my son. Another time I asked “dad?” and received a red orb. I responded with “oh, it’s Uncle Wes” (my dad’s brother, so easy mistake). My children, dad and my uncle will also fill my room with colorful little orbs that look stars. This is very beautiful and something I always look forward to.

I think my biggest problem right now is confidence. I feel as if that where I am at now with Astral Travel is the furthest I will ever go. I do realize that feeling that way keeps me from going further.

I feel that the more successful I become in my Astral Travels, the further my Spiritual Growth will progress and the stronger my psychic abilities will become. Should there be anyone out there who is good at Astral Projection, I would appreciate any advice you can offer. – Michelle