Switzerland. Photography by Christian Schill.

There has always been much confusion about the difference between a Spirit and a Soul. Many people believe the two to be interchangeable. I suppose in a sense that this is correct but in another, they are actually different. We must understand how things truly work in the Spirit Realm to understand the difference.

We must begin to realize that we have no hierarchy in the Spirit realm, before I continue. These are merely different roles and no one is above the other, no one has more power than the other and no one is better than other. With that said, I will continue by describing how the differences are made. Please make sure that your mind and heart are open as I explain this. If you cannot do this, please stop reading now.

I think that I need to begin with Source. Source is where everything began. This is why many refer to Source as Source. Many people have different names for the origin of all that is. Some refer to it as the Creator. Some as The Universe and many others as God or by the many other names of various gods throughout the history of the planet. We must understand that Source does not care how how you refer to it nor by what gender or lack of gender. We need to understand that these are not issues and are merely constructs of humanity.

Source is the beginning of all that there is. When Source decided to create he made off shoots of himself. These off shoots are considered as Souls. Many people refer to their Souls as their Higher Selves. We can then begin to understand how we are all part of Source. We need to begin to realize that we are not separate from our Creator, but one with her. This is not a lack of respect or reverence. We must understand that we can decide for ourselves what is our own truth. Should something feel right and good for you, then that is what you must go with.

After these Souls were created, Source decided that she wanted experiences. The way in which this is achieved is by incarnating beings on planets throughout the Universe. This happens when a Soul decides what it is it wants to experience and learn in order to expand. When the Soul has made that decision, it “pinches off” a piece of itself,  known as a Spirit, which incarnates into a physical being. This is the manner in which a Soul and Source have experiences. The reason for expansion is to be the best that you can be in the Spirit Realm for all of eternity. At some point, a Soul decides that it has reached its goal and stops incarnating. This is usually after a few hundred lives. The best place to be in the Spirit Realm is in the center with the Souls who have finished expanded. My mom will be taking that place soon.

Source has many different Souls which have emanated off of him. These Souls have many different Spirits or incarnations, which emanate off of them.

We must begin to be more open minded about how we perceive the Spirit Realm to be. We must begin to realize that there is so much we do not know or understand and the judgements and rules we have created regarding Source, Souls and Spirits are very narrow and very limiting. The Source that is real is not narrow nor judgemental. Source is much too big for that. When a being demands respect to the point of scaring others into submission and imposing a vast amount of rules, that being is very unloving and insecure. Source is anything but these things.

Have more open minded attitude about your Creator. He is much too big to be shoved into the boxes we have created, as my mother always likes to say.  – John