If I were at a different stage in my life, I would be doing this before anyone could talk me out of it. Communities such as these are important to the survival of humanity and our planet. Please share this wherever you can and with whomever you can. I would love to see this be successful.

Eden's Spirit

Off the Grid, solar and wind powered Community is being built in the Yucatan.

People are Needed to Join this Community. Like-minded people necessary.

If you have read any of my other writings, you know the my husband and I bought  jungle land in the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) home of  the great Mayan civilization. If you have not read any of my former writings, Greetings to you and the following is what we are doing. We have been clearing land for homesteading, drilling water wells, making roads, etc. the land, as of now, is about 30 acres but we are forming contracts to buy the surrounding lands to increase the property size to 100. On the land is 7 Hills (200 meters high) surrounded by tropical forest. We have started construction of homes on hill tops, partial in ground (in mountain, under ground). The homes are made from Cinder Blocks…

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