Tina Updated

“Tina”. Spirit drawing by Michelle and Tina Schill.

I have found that how I perceive Spirit is dependent on “where I am at” in that particular moment. Most commonly, I see their energy and/or outline and I can hear them telepathically. I have become so good with communicating telepathically that I can now hold fluid conversations.

There are other times when I see Spirit more clearly but they are translucent. I can also hear Spirit with my physical ears at times but either they sound very loud or very far away.  There has been a time or two when John’s voice has sounded very electronic to me. Almost like the computerized voice of the answering machines from the 1980’s (for those of you who can remember).

Then there are times that I perceive Spirit as being very dense and solid and I begin to think that it is someone who is incarnated. John has told me that I see Spirits even more than I believe I do; however, I keep thinking that they are incarnated beings. There are also times where I hear with my physical ears the voice of Spirit just as I would hear someone in the Physical Realm. It is at these times that I am in awe that no one else hears it but me.

I live in a rural area in Northeast Ohio in a 116 year old home, which was divided into four apartments back in the 1950’s. I live in the main part on the first floor. For some reason, I am most likely to witness Spiritual activity when around my upstairs neighbor, whose name is also John. He has never claimed to have psychic abilities but for some reason, it is always very strong when I am around him.

For the first couple of years that I lived here, my neighbor John had an elderly cat whose name is Godiva. John is a very big burly man who you would never expect to have such affections for an animal, let alone a cat. John adored Godiva and it is very obvious that the two of them share a strong bond. When John would be lounging on the couch, Godiva would always come and curl up on his chest, John often bragged me to me.

In December of 2014, Godiva decided that she had had enough of the Physical Realm and decided to cross back over to the Spirit Realm. For a cat, she was extremely old and I think that she served her purpose fully with my upstairs neighbor, John. Needless to say, this was a very difficult adjustment for John.

My apartment is directly below my neighbor John’s. Being a very old home, the sound travels easily through out the house. About a month after Godiva crossed over, I began to hear a cat scampering across the upstairs floor above me and I heard the cat playing with toys that had little bells in them. I thought how wonderful it was that John decided to get another cat companion.

A couple months later I ran into my neighbor in the yard and mentioned about his new cat. He looked at me like I was crazy. He said he did not plan on getting a new cat as Godiva is irreplaceable. I told him about my many experiences of hearing a cat playing in his place. Thankfully, John is open to the supernatural and was very pleased to hear that Godiva is still with him. I explained that many animals hang around their human parents after crossing over. Godiva certainly does as I recently heard her playing again.

Last fall I inadvertently received a piece of my neighbor John’s mail. Since I needed to go up to the attic, I thought I would drop the mail off to him on my way up. Now, going up to the attic in a century house is a much further distance than in a more contemporary home. The ME/CFS was acting up that day and by the time I reached John’s apartment, I could hardly catch my breath and I was exhausted. He had me come in and sit at the kitchen table until I felt a bit better. He offered to run up to the attic for me but it had been a couple years since I had been up there and wanted to take inventory.

While we sat talking, there was an unusual amount of Spiritual activity in his kitchen. Lights flashing all over the room and orbs were in abundance. Much of this was my usual entourage but my neighbor seems to have a fairly large entourage of his own.

Although I could not see Godiva clearly on that day (most probably due to my poor health), I could see a very bright white light in the outline of Godiva. She was hanging out where John used to keep her toys in the kitchen in front of a very large hutch. I mentioned to John that she was there and this seemed to make him happy.

As John and I were talking I saw Godiva jump from where her toys used to be up onto a small table by the window. I asked John if Godiva often sat there and he responded that she loved to hang out there and look out of window. I told him that she jumped up there and was peering out the window now.

As we sat talking, the energy, lights and orbs kept bouncing around the kitchen as I had never witnessed before. Suddenly, a very large, tall and wide, bright beam of light shot up from the floor towards the ceiling. For the first time that I can recall, I became startled by Spirit. I jumped and said, “oh”.  At first I was unsure of who it was but then received that it was my neighbor John’s brother who had crossed over about a year before due to lung cancer. When my neighbor questioned my reaction, I had the feeling that I should not say who was there. I merely told him I saw a bright light, which I was not expecting.

My neighbor is approximately 60 years old and he loves his music and he loves it loud. He listens to classic rock (the true, good classic rock from the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Seriously, is there any other?). I also love music, particularly this genre, but I have always had a problem with noise sensitivity and since suffering with ME/CFS, the sensitivity has actually become  painful. To combat this problem, when the weather is permitting, my neighbor will take his music, lawn chair and refreshment and go out by the barn and enjoy the day. This works well for me because I can enjoy the music without it being painful.

Tina as a child (the first Spirit art Tina and I did together) and Tina in her 20’s. Spirit drawings by Michelle and Tina Schill.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend was out of town visiting her granddaughter and she was kind enough to lend me her car while she was gone. The weather was beautiful that week and, sure enough, upon returning home one beautiful afternoon, neighbor John was back by the barn enjoying his music and the beautiful weather.

The weather has quite an effect on me and I was feeling very wonderful that day. As I was walking from the car to my door, I glanced in John’s direction. He was sitting in his chair with his head back and next to him was a beautiful young woman dancing freely around. Her long blond hair was flowing all over as she jumped, bounced and danced to the music. I thought about what a beautiful sight that was and proceeded through my kitchen door.

Neighbor John recently put up two birdhouses by his upstairs windows. I love to watch birds and appreciated this very much. We were out in the yard talking yesterday and I thanked him for putting up the birdhouses. The conversation got around to his leisure time by the barn and I asked who the woman was who was dancing out there a couple of weeks ago. He looked at me quizzically and told me I must be thinking about last summer when our landlord’s employee would often sit and listen to music with him. I told John that was not the case. I explained it was two weeks ago and this woman had much longer hair. She also had energy that a woman in her late 50’s would not have. John informed me that no one was out there with him that day. As I asked if he had ever known such a woman, my children in Spirit were bouncing around excitedly saying it was my daughter, Tina, who was dancing. Of course, my disbelief got in the way and I told my children this could not be because when I either “see” Tina or we do Spirit drawings of her together her hair is red or a darker blond with red. This woman’s hair was blond.

This morning as I washing dishes I was mulling the “dancing woman” over in my head. I decided to discuss it with my children because I thought maybe it was one of my bizarre “dreams” where I go off during the night and have discussions with others or see sights.

My children informed me that it was not a dream. Tina said that was, indeed, her dancing by neighbor John’s chair. She looked so dense and solid that I was shocked it was not someone who was incarnated. Tina explained to me that this was because I was very relaxed. It was beautiful weather that day and being in nature always has that effect on me.

My son, John, just interrupted to me to say that I needed to tell you that I saw Godiva out in the yard this past Saturday. I went out onto the back porch and saw an older long haired cat look at me and then scamper away. I thought nothing of it. Although the cat looked like Godiva, I assumed it was a cat from a neighboring farm and did not give it another thought. I am sure there are many grayish long haired cats in the area. Had John not told me that it was Godiva, I would not have known because it seems the more time that goes by, the more solidly I see Spirit (as I did as a child).

I believe that we all have psychic abilities. Many are born with them being stronger and can hang onto them past childhood. When we are willing to connect and see the Spirit Realm, then wondrous things begin to happen. – Michelle


The house I live in.