I know.

Me: It hurts! Why did they have to be so unreasonable? Why can’t they realize how much this means to us? Means to me?

It hurts. But it has meaning. 

Me: What?

There is a reason for what happens.

Me: But no! It hurts, it hurts so badly! It is sacred ground they are denying us, they are completely unreasonable and this is not fair!

Sacred it is, but this you must learn. Ownership is an illusion. Sacred land belongs not to you, not to anyone. This you must learn. 

Me: But it fucking hurts, I want it!

And that is exactly why you can not have it. 

Me: Fucksake.

Time and soul. I am time and soul. I can not be bought or sold, nor built of destroyed. I am time and soul.

Me (grumbling): It still hurts.

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