Michelle (the epitome of the definition of “Loner”) in Pittsburgh, PA, Summer 2012. Photography by Christian Schill.

There are times when we need to be alone. Much of society does not understand this concept. They believe that wanting to be alone is a sign that there is something wrong. In some cases this may be true if it goes on for long periods of time; however, in most cases it is very healthy.

We must understand that everyone needs alone time every once in awhile. Even the most extroverted person will need alone time occasionally. We must not judge others if they are loners and enjoy their space.

There are reasons people require alone time. Many times we need to merely rest and regroup. We need to sort through our thoughts and emotions.We may be needing to figure out a new direction for our life or come up with a solution to a problem. These are times when being alone is very much needed.

We need to understand that there are those people who naturally enjoy their alone times. People like this are usually very empathic and need to recharge their batteries very frequently. If out in public too often they will burn out and begin to get the lines blurred between their energies and the energies of others. Alone time is a frequent must for people such as these.

People need alone time when they are at the beginning of their Spiritual Awakening. This is the time when they are trying to figure out exactly what is going on with them. This is a huge adjustment and it is very normal and natural to want to be alone during this time. We must give ourselves permission to do this so our process is a bit less difficult.

When we need to be alone we must learn that it is OK to want this. Being alone is not a bad thing. It is when we can be comfortable alone with ourselves that we are truly growing emotionally, mentally and Spiritually.

We must learn to accept when people want to be alone. This does not necessarily mean that something is wrong. Is the only reason someone needs alone time is when they are depressed? No. They could be merely tired. They may need to get things done.  Maybe they need to rethink things in their lives or they may want to do a quiet activity.

We must not judge the people who are more reserved and quiet. There is nothing wrong with them. This is a natural part of their personalities and there is no reason to feel that they should be otherwise. We must begin to learn to accept others for who they are on a Soul level and not try to get them to conform to what others want them to be. We must learn to accept everyone as they are. – John