Sail Boat On Lake Erie. Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

We all have times during our lives when things are difficult. These may vary from merely a few days of feeling low to something very tragic happening. The truth is that most of us never consider that we can use these times that are difficult as a positive experience.

When we have times that are difficult, they are usually times that we can use as a lesson for growth and expansion. We can use these times to our benefit and the benefit of others. The problem is that during these times it is difficult to see this. Afterwards, in hindsight, we can more easily see that we have gained something from this experience.

We must do our best to try remember that these difficult times do not go on forever. We must try to remain calm and focused in order to get through these times. This is easier said than done, but we must have the faith that this is so.

We must be open to the fact that there are others out there who have experienced what we are going through. Many times when we are hurting we want to have our pain all to ourselves and feel  as if we are the only ones who have gone through this. This is fine for a short period but we must then become open to the fact that we are not alone at some point.

When these times are over we must try to reflect back and see what we can gain from the experience. How can we use this experience to grow and expand? What can we do with this experience to help others? When we realize that we are not the only one who has gone through this experience and there are others currently going through the same or similar experience,we can reach out to those people so that we may assist them through those dark times.

Many people do that through blogging. We have found many people here on WordPress who use their experiences to help others through their writing. They speak about their experiences and how they made it through. By doing this, others become aware that they are not alone. They may also give advice to those who are reading their blog. Discussions about the situation may also ensue through the comments section. The internet has made it much easier to reach out and help those who are going through what we have gone through in the past. This also helps us to deal with what we went through because writing down our experiences is very therapeutic.

You can also reach out in a more personal way through some sort of community service. There are many activities around that help people with situations which are difficult. You can offer your assistance with the experiences you have gone through during these activities.

You may also post a meet up or support group on MeetUp.com to form activities in your area on your own. The list of things that you can do to help others is endless.

When we reach out to others to assist them through our own experiences, we are also helping ourselves. When we find others who are going through what we have gone through  and help them we are also helping and healing ourselves. These activities are important to both ourselves and to others.

It is through this networking that we realize that we are not alone and that we are truly one.

We must also realize that through pre-life planning we may have chosen many of these experiences. We chose them in order to expand and grow on a Soul level. This is something that is very difficult for most of us to accept; however, this is how things work in the Spirit Realm. The purpose of these experiences is to help us and others grow in their Spiritual life both on this planet and the Spirit Realm. We must realize that our Higher Selves come up with these situations in order to grow in the way they feel that they need to. Many people get angry at this concept because they do not understand how they would ever choose to go through such horrendous things. This is because we are born with Spiritual amnesia. The older we get the less we remember about the Spirit Realm. This is why it is easier for a child to see and hear Spirits than an adult. This is why it is easier for a child to be more forgiving than an adult. The fact that children are more resilient than adults really has nothing to do with naivete and everything to do with having a better Spiritual memory. The fact is that we do plan much of what happens in our lives but we need to remember that we must be willing to feel the hurt, pain and the anger that comes with these situations. The pain is there for a reason and we must be honest with ourselves and face the pain to truly heal and learn from the situation. – John