I found this edition of Anna Sayce’s newsletter very informative and very important. So important that I felt the need to share the first article with our followers. We must always bear in mind that the emotion of fear is commonly used as a control tactic. When receiving a reading you should never be feeling fear. Readings should bring hope and comfort. Always remember that no matter what you are told in a reading, the power is totally in your hands. We have free will and if a psychic tells you something that may happen in your future, she is telling you the most probable course; however, you have the power to change it should you wish to.  No psychic should be insisting on more and more money to fix your life and your future. The psychic does not have that power, only you do. Although I believe in the power of crystals, salts, etc., you must remember that they do not work solely on their own and you must also make the effort. Also, bear in mind that these items are not costly and you can obtain them yourself very easily.

The following link is to Anna’s article and please take her advice and share it with any and all who receive readings:


Michelle and John