The Coliseum, Rome, Italy. Photography by Christian Schill.

We need to understand that we are not made to all be the same. We were not created from the same mold.When Source had us incarnate he/she/it wanted different experiences for each incarnation that was sent out. There are very good reasons for this. Source wants to experience every possibility and uses us to do this.

The reasons we are all different and have different likes and experiences is so that every experience is available to be experienced. The problem has been that too many people believe that there is only one right way to be. Somewhere along the line, each different society or belief system came up with parameters of what is socially acceptable and what is not. There were illusions created of who and what God is and what he did and did not approve of. The illusions were used to control people and try to get everyone to fit into the same mold. You can see these examples in religions, schools, governments and work places all over the world. Every culture has their idea of what is right and what is wrong and does their best to get the entire society to fit in that box.

We do our best to try to fit in so that we can feel loved and accepted. By doing this we are destroying ourselves. We must begin to understand that we are not only lovable as we are but we deserve to beloved for who we are and not who others want us to be. We are created from Source so there is no way that we are not worthy. The truth is that we need to be more willing to accept this concept in order to have a healthier social experience.

This is not how it was meant to be. This is evident in the fact there is so much illness (both physical and mental) and there is so much violence. The feeling of being trapped and controlled will always bring out the worst in people. We must first learn who we truly are and then we must be brave enough to fight the system and be that person.

When we come to the point where we can know who we are and what it is we are really supposed to be doing, we will then have much more happy and freer lives.

We must begin to understand that there is no acceptable way to be nor is there an unacceptable way to be. The mere fact that each society on the planet has different ideas about what is and what is not acceptable indicates this. Every culture around the world is very different and has different customs and expectations of their people. This is because what one believes is unacceptable, another may see as acceptable. We do not have the right to force our views and opinions on others. We must learn what is acceptable for us alone and not worry about everyone else. – John