Turtle in The West Woods 3-24-2017

The West Woods, Novelty, Ohio, USA. Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

We must learn to be aware of the energy of those around us. This is essential for our well being so that we can always be at our best and be able to properly interact with others.

This is not really as difficult as it might seem. If you are an Empath, you have already been doing this. The best way to learn to do this is by having an awareness of what is your own energy and what belongs to other people. This may be a bit difficult to learn at first but when you can ask yourself a few simple questions, you will get into the habit of realizing what belongs to you and what does not. You must consider first if this feeling came up suddenly out of nowhere. If the answer is yes, then the chances are high that this doesn’t belong to you. Should you still believe it is yours, you need to ask what may have caused it to come on. The answer should be readily available and if it is not, it probably belongs to someone else.

Learning to make this discernment is very important because you will be able to not carry with you the baggage of others throughout your day. Another reason this is so important is because you will then better be able to tell who could and could not be a good match for you in your life, whether it be romantically, as a friendship, or in business.

There may be many people who you come across who are good people with good intentions. This does not necessarily mean that they are a good vibrational match for you. You do not need to let  everyone in who you come across. We must learn to be more discerning in order to maintain our unique vibration, be happy and be productive.

When we begin to be more discerning we will be able to know more quickly who should and should not be in our lives. We will also be able to know when it is time to part ways with those who were only meant to be with us for a period and not our entire lives. These cycles are normal and natural and there should be no guilt on either party.

Protecting ourselves is very important and necessary.  Many people do not do this because they feel they are not being a good person if they do not let someone in. The problem is that we usually will get ourselves into trouble if we are not willing to be more protective of our boundaries. Boundaries are essential for our self-preservation while we are incarnated here. While we are here we are to experience separateness in order to have certain experiences, while being aware of our oneness. Oneness does not mean that we let people crossover boundaries that we must have for our own welfare. We are one and connected through Source but we must not be doormats either. – John