I have recently met a new friend who I thought was going to be a good friend. After our conversation last night, I am seriously reconsidering this notion. I admit that I am not an expert on astrology. What I know is about my sign and the sign of my ex-husband and our son, who happen to share the same sign. Another thing I know is that although the characteristic of any given sign are pretty much accurate, not every characteristic fits every person born under that sign. Another thing I know is me. I know who I am.

The characteristics of my sign that I am aware that I have are being very sensitive, private, leery of those I do not know well and protecting myself and those I love. I also have the being sensitive to the Spirit Realm and being creative.

I have noticed that while speaking with this person, she did the majority of the talking. Should I try to mention anything about myself, she would cut me off. This did not bother me as I preferred that I got to know her better before divulging too much of myself. I have learned the hard way it is best to handle new relationships very carefully. She told me about her ailments and problems with friends, etc.

A couple weeks ago she mentioned to me that she was talking about me to someone at church. My guard immediately went up because I do not care to be the topic of conversation and I wanted to make sure she was not talking to the church gossip about me. I asked who she was talking to. She did not give me a name but I asked if it was the church gossip and she responded no. I explained that I asked because I do not want anyone mentioning me to this gossiper. I then I dropped the subject. I also brought up the fact that I recently lost my oldest son and two babies several years ago because this had to do with why I did not want her talking to this person about me. I really had no intention of mentioning my children to her.

I also told her about my chronic illness so that she would understand that there would be times I could not do things or that I may have to cancel plans. Since my illness is improving, I do not feel the need to dwell on it; however, I still need to be careful with my health.

We were playing our usual phone tag yesterday. After having to pick my husband up in the city, I became very fatigued, acquired a headache and body aches. I tried phoning her again but, again, her phone was off. I left a message explaining that I needed to go to bed and would speak with her tomorrow. She phoned me back anyway.

She complained of symptoms she never had told me about before. The symptoms she told me she was having were ME/CFS symptoms and I became suspicious. When I mentioned that it sounds as if she had ME/CFS, she told she has Fibromyaelgia, which she never mentioned during her lists of ailments in the past. I decided that I would just leave it alone and dropped the subject.

Somehow the topic of astrology came up and she said her rising sign was Capricorn. I told her mine was too and then she wanted to know what my Sun sign is. When I told her I had Scorpio in my sun, moon, Mercury and Neptune, she nearly flipped out. I realize my sign has a bit of a reputation but judging someone you do not know based on their sign is very presumptuous. I then told her my husband and son were Taurus, which caused an even bigger reaction. She said that she is glad we live way out in the boonies and she lives in the city. That would too much for her to deal with so the farther away the better.

I was fine with these previous comments until she began to accuse me of believing the Universe revolves around me and always trying to one up her. When I asked for examples, she really could not come up with anything other than the fact that I wanted to know who she was talking to about me. That had nothing to do with wanting to be the center of attention and everything to do with self-preservation. When I tried to respond in my defense she kept cutting me off. I then I responded in typical Scorpio fashion-I suddenly became very quiet and said very little for the rest of the conversation. I have taken a step back, put up my walls and am in the processing of rethinking this relationship.

Although I enjoy being the boss, being in charge and being in control, I prefer to do so quietly and incognito. I only need to have the control but do not need the recognition. Being the center of attention is something I hate so much that my good friend, who knows me well, and others in my life do not invite me to large social functions anymore. They know I will rarely show up and if I do, I am very quiet and stay in the shadows. I prefer to observe.

I do not feel the need to one up anybody because most everybody has had a difficult life. Pain cannot be measured nor compared.  I have also found that pity is useless. Pity solves nothing and does absolutely nothing for anyone; therefore, I no longer seek pity. This person has no idea what I have been through in my life, how hard I have worked on myself over the past several years, nor what I have done with my life experiences. She would not even take the time to listen out of fear being proven wrong in her assumptions about me based on my astrological sign. I prefer to think of myself more as an Eagle/Phoenix rather than a Scorpio.

She wanted to know if I would be at church in the morning. Although I had made up my mind not to go due to this conversation, I told her it would depend on how I was feeling in the morning. I am not feeling well this morning but that is beside the point. She did tell me she is Gemini, which is the same sign as my brother. Thankfully, my brother called shortly after I hung up the phone with her and our conversation cheered me up. He is coming for a visit this morning. If I have to chose between spending Sunday morning between two Geminis, I choose my brother every time.

We must realize that prejudice, in any form, is hurtful. Racial prejudice is not the only prejudice we must do away with. We must do away with economic status prejudice, religious, etc. Even astrological. We cannot lump people into groups and make general assumptions about them. This wrong and painful. – Michelle