This a beautiful, amazing and true story of a very brave woman and her very brave family. Please read.

Eden's Spirit

Jungle 2

To Clear over 11 Hectares of Rainforest Jungle, mostly by hand, to make way for a small community with homes built into the limestone mountains…….

Why did I do it?

It took me over 2 weeks, everyday, to mark off the trees to save to preserve the integrity of the jungle as well as the animals therein and even longer to be able to purchase the land and deal with paperwork. The picture of what is happening is something like, two crews of 10 men, my husband and two oldest sons, with machetes, scaling seven mountains in the Yucatan rainforest. Home to over 200,000 different species of animals.  among these listed are anteater, armadillo, spider monkey, howler monkey, ocelot, Mexican wolf, prairie dog, jaguar, black bear, volcano rabbit, tapir, vaquita and manatee. The birds: red macaw, green macaw, Socorro dove, etc  ; reptiles, loggerhead turtle, and American crocodile; and the endemic amphibian…

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