The environment is a very important issue on our blog so we felt the need to share this. I admit that I survived the Winter of ’77/’78 in Northeast Ohio and had a paper route, which my parents did not drive me to deliver these papers. I will admit that it is one of the worst winters on record; however, when I was a child every winter was cold and snowy. At least 5″ of snow on the ground during the majority of the winter was not uncommon. These days it is rare. Climate change should never happen in a mere 40 years. That is much too quick.

Ends and Beginnings

Flexible Flyers_in_Snow

I grew up in a large city in the Southeast. When I was a kid of eight or nine I remember getting several big snows each year, the kind that cancelled school for two or three days. Now why I remember this is because I lived next door to “the hill”.

For any of you unfamiliar with the term “the hill” this is spot where kids within a three-mile radius would come and sled. In an other otherwise flat world “the hill” was our Mount Everest.

I had a hand-me-down Flexible Flyer from my older cousins who lived down the street from us. For whatever reason when they hit fourteen they became to cool to sled but I wasn’t. For the next three or four years I wore that sled out, literally. It’s final voyage was right before Christmas when I was eleven. Screaming down “the hill” I had to make…

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