Michelle and Johnny 1988. Michelle in 2015 and John in 2012.

Earlier my mom mentioned her experiences with time warps. I wanted to explain further why this happens and then explain what time is like for those who are in Spirit.

When we experience time warps it is because we have entered into  a different state of consciousness, or another dimension. The time warp my mom and brother experienced after I crossed over was due to shock and grief. They immediately entered another dimension when they learned that I had crossed over. For my mom it was very immediate and sudden because she actually felt me leaving my body. For my brother it was a more gradual shift because he was not aware of it immediately and he was not really accepting it at first. The time warp was to help protect them until they were able to deal better with the new situation in our family. This took a very long time for them both. My mom was in shock for about 18 months but my brother was not in shock for as long she was. The difference is because my mom and I were much closer than my brother and I were and, let’s face it, she is my mother.

The other thing that causes these time warps is pain that is either emotional or physical. When we are depressed time is much different than when we are not. Time is very slow and very heavy at these times. When we experience physical pain time also goes by more slowly because we are not able to be active. Being active speeds time up; whereas inactivity slows time down. When we are doing something we enjoy, that also changes how quickly time goes by and how the time feels. When we are doing something we do not enjoy, the opposite happens.

People have always thought these phenomena were merely an illusion because of our mind being occupied. This is not so and people are beginning to realize this. When this occurs we are actually shifting dimensions. The reasons for this are because our Spirits fluctuate from one dimension to another throughout the day. This is usually caused by our feelings which are usually based on our activity. The higher the dimension the lighter we feel and the more quickly time goes by.

Sometimes you may sense the shift in dimension with your physical senses. There are some who can hear and see the difference. Many can hear more clearly, are more sensitive to sound and can hear very high pitched noises when they shift to a higher dimension. This is due to the difference in frequency when you are in higher dimensions. There are those who can see the difference through the vibrancy of colors, details and things looking more like a 3D movie. These are physical indications that you have switched dimensions.

When we are in Spirit time is a whole different story. My mom was correct that for me it seems that it has not been very long since I crossed over. The fact is that it will be three years on May 11. To me it feels more as if it has been a few weeks. The reason for this is because the dimension is so high in the Spirit Realm that times goes by very quickly. What is a day when in the Physical Realm is more like minutes in the Spirit Realm. My mom often feels as if it has been an eternity since I crossed over but at other times feels as if it were merely the other day. That is because my mom can shift very easily from one dimension to another. She does this very often throughout the day. Many people have this ability but do not realize that they do.

Time actually is only an illusion which was constructed to help us get through our physical lives. The time line in the Physical Realm is very slow and very linear; whereas, in the Spirit Realm it is very quick and does “swirl”, as my mom put it earlier.  I can go to whatever part of my life I wish at any given time and I can also relive moments of others lives if I wish to also. The thing is that my life is more real to me and the lives of others are more like watching a movie. I believe that is because I did not experience it personally.

We need to be aware of the differences in time when we are speaking with Spirit because when you communicate with Spirit they may make something seem as if it were merely moments ago when to you it was a long time ago. We must bear this in mind when communicating with the Other Side.

We must remember that time is not as slow as we believe it to be and we must remember what Buddha said, “the problem is that you think you have time.” – John