Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall-The Four Seasons of Time In The Physical Realm. Spirit photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

I have been thinking about the concept of time quite a bit lately. I am not sure why that is but sometimes my mind gets on these tangents and it is stuck on one topic for awhile. I thought that maybe if I wrote about it, my brain would move onto to something else.

I have mentioned that time is not real and is a mere construct of this realm. We, as a mass consensus, created it so that we may be more organized in the Physical Realm. With the creation of time it makes it easier to know when we should meet up with someone and basically know when to be where.

I have also mentioned that time does not exist in the Spirit Realm. Although I believe this to be true, I often wonder if this is true entirely. For instance, my children seem to be very aware of time in the Physical Dimension. John is quite aware of how long it has been since he crossed over, which for me feels like an eternity most times; however, I sometimes sense it feels like a brief moment to him. So, I think that maybe there is some sense of time in other dimensions but not like ours. I do know that time is not linear in other dimensions, as it is here. In the Physical Dimension, time is very linear, very straight. We travel from point A to point B, consecutively.

In the Spirit Realm, this does not appear to be the case. John has told me that he can relive any part of his physical life that he chooses. He has also been able to relive my life, including the 23 years before he was born. It appears that time does not go in a straight line in other dimensions but more or less swirls together.

Shortly after John crossed over, my youngest son, Christian, and I had a very deep conversation about time. This was brought to our attention due to our extreme grief at the time. Time feels the oddest when you are grieving or in a great deal of pain. We talked about how we felt as if we were in a time warp and time kept slowing down and speeding up, making it difficult to keep track of the time and days.

We then began to discuss how this phenomena occurs based on what activity you are involved with. The time difference is not as extreme as when you are in deep grief but it is evident. We were talking about how when you are doing an activity that you enjoy very much time goes by very quickly; however, when involved in an activity you do not enjoy, such as school or being at a deplorable job, time goes by very slowly. We decided that this shed some light and a little bit of understanding on what Einstein was trying to say.

Another activity that causes time to get weird for me is meditation. I think meditation gives me a better understanding of what Spirits experience as time. When I am in meditation, I have very little awareness of time. The deeper my meditation, the less awareness of time I have. There are times when an hour goes by and it felt as if it were mere minutes. I believe that this caused by the fact that I actually do enter different dimensions while meditating. The more you practice meditation and the better you become at it, the more you will notice this. While meditating my mind is elsewhere but very aware and my body is entirely relaxed as if asleep. This is an entirely different dimension than the chaotic rat race of the stressful 3rd and 4th dimensions. There are also times when I meditate that I will either hover just above my body or leave entirely. This is when any concept of physical time leaves me entirely. This when I enter the 6th to 8th dimensions and time is very different there.

This causes me to wonder what time is exactly. It seems to change based on your activity in the 3rd – 5th dimensions but in the higher dimensions there really seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. – Michelle