Art by Michelle Buchheit-Schill

Many times we are very foggy and tired. We need to realize that these are the times that we need a break. We may need to merely  sit down and rest. Then there are times that we may need to sleep. Other times, a good meditation does the trick.

When we are feeling a bit unrested and unclear, we need to take care of ourselves and rest. There are times when it is not possible to sleep so being able to sit and rest and is a very good option. My mom will watch a video while sitting and crocheting. Then there are times when she will actually take a nap, which happens quite often because she suffers from ME/CFS. Many times meditation refreshes her.

Meditation can be just as effective or even more effective than sleep. Meditation clears the mind while resting the body at the same time. When we are meditating we are aware while our body is actually sleeping. This causes the mind to reset and the body to rejuvenate. This not only helps the body to have more energy but causes the mind to be more clear, work more effectively and connect with the Spirit Realm much better. We must keep an open to the benefits of meditation in order for it to work to connect us to Spirit.

There are may different techniques to meditating. My mom enjoys guided meditations by Paul Santisi, which she found on YouTube. These meditations are very deep and very effective. Paul Santisi uses 3D sound and hypnosis, which are very effective for a very deep meditation. There are many meditations for mind clearing, connecting to Spirit, creativity, improved self-esteem, Astral Projection and much more.

I recommend that you find Paul Santisi on YouTube to get the best meditation experience. Please remember that you need to meditate on a regular  basis for it to have the best effect. -John