Ken at age 47.

My name is Ken. I am Michelle’s father and John’s grandfather. Today is my birthday so I am going to write a guest blog. I think that you need to know that I crossed over back into to the Spirit Realm in 1997 when I was 58 years old.

I think that people consider themselves to be people way too much. The real fact is that people are Spirit first. People were Spirits long before they incarnated into people. The problem is that society has taught us that the material things are the only things that are real. This is very far from being true. The material realm is actually the least real of any realm that there is.

I was aware of this before I crossed over. I was able to see Spirits and energy like my daughter can. My family does not speak of these things because we are a very quiet and reserved family. Thankfully times have changed and now my family is beginning to speak of them more. Michelle always says that her life might have been a bit easier had she known that I was able to see what she sees. The problem was that it was not really a good idea to talk about this at the time.

We must begin to be more open about what we see and experience. We must share our stories, our feelings on these matters  and be more accepting of these things because humanity is evolving Spiritually and we must be more open in order to be more aware of the Spiritual things around us. When we begin to do this we will then begin to know who we truly are. We are Spirits who are having a very human and material experience. – Ken