Anselm Cave

My favorite peaceful spot, Ansem’s Cave, The West Woods, Novelty, Ohio, USA. Spirit photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

Spirit communication is not all fun and games. In fact, I think I have more arguments with my son, John, now than I ever did in his physical life. He makes me much angrier now than he did during those 26 years. And it is not just John I get angry with. It is my daughter, Tina, and my son, Ricky. Then there is my father and my aunts. Even friends and acquaintances.

When I was a child it WAS fun and games. Spirits were my playmates and we always had fun. But shut down your abilities for awhile and accumulate baggage, upon your return to communicating with the other side, things change.

Adults carry much more emotional baggage than children do. If you have baggage you have not dealt with, Spirit will make sure that you do. If there is any pain, anger, resentment, self-hate, etc., Spirit will make you face it.

One of my biggest issues has been being the world’s door mat. It did not matter what I was doing, I would immediately stop should someone say they needed something from me. If I was sick, it did not matter, I would do what was asked of me. In fact, whenever I was sick I felt very guilty about it. My life, and even my children, took a backseat to everyone else.

This is one of the issues every Spirit I have ever known has been forcing me to deal with. They do not tell you what they are doing and by the time you figure out what is going on you are so angry that you are forced to change that behavior. You get that attitude of “no one is ever doing that to me again”.

Last fall my three children and father started to try to run my life and tell me many lies. I was constantly hearing that I needed to do this, that or the other thing. I needed to be there for so-and-so, I needed to take care of so-and-so, etc. I needed to constantly be available to the Spirit Realm, etc. By January I was fit to be tied and fuming angry. I decided that I had had enough and began to set boundaries. This has worked very well for me but every Spirit feels the need to test me still, just to be sure that I am sticking to my guns.

Today, for instance, is my dad’s birthday and I had told him that I wanted him to write a guest blog post. I had decided that I would get some work done first. I have two small businesses which I run from my home. I had a customer I had been working with the last couple of days who needed an item in a hurry and I also decided that I would make a new tie for my haberdashery business. I am at my ironing board preparing fabric when I suddenly get a very high pitched sound in my left ear. I said, “I am busy now. I will be with you in awhile. Please stop.” The sound immediately died away only to start again a few seconds later. Again, I repeated my request to wait until I was done with my work. The noise stopped but I then heard my father say, “but it’s my birthday.” I told him I was aware of that and would be with him shortly. When I finally did sit down so he could type, I asked if he was ready. He responded with “yes, I have been waiting for you.” This was a test from my father to be sure I was keeping my boundaries. First, they do not celebrate birthdays in the Spirit realm, even though they enjoy that we continue to do so here. Secondly, there is no time in the other realms so my father really did not have to wait.

This evening after a long, hard day of work, I sit down to relax only to receive two phone calls in a row. I am really not that into talking on the phone much, although I do enjoy phone calls on occasion. Two calls in a row took its toll on me. As soon as I get off of the second call I feel my hand being zapped. This is a system John set up for when someone in the Spirit Realm is trying to get my attention. It was my Aunt Marie. She told me I need to pay more attention to her and that I need to be more in tune with the Spirit Realm. I told her this is not so. First, I was tired and needed to relax and secondly, I was doing my Spiritual work and doing it just fine. This response made her very happy. Again, another test, this time from my aunt.

I have been tested by family, friends, acquaintances and even famous people I have never known personally. I feel I am doing very well now but have no idea when these tests will stop. I wish they would already.

Now, if you think yo are getting off scott free because you do not do Spirit communication, you are wrong. If you have not dealt with your issues, the Universe/Creator/Source/God and various other Spirits, will test yo by throwing the same old stuff your way until you realize that something in your life needs to change and you change it. I just wanted to warn you all, in case you have been wondering what the hell is going on. – Michelle