My last Facebook profile picture. Being in the moment.

We as Spirits want to help those who are in the Physical Realm. The reasons for this are many but we want to help those we have connections with. Many of us are connected through the physical life we have just had, which connects us in the Spirit Realm also. We have Spirit families, or groups, in the Spirit Realm as we do in the Physical Realm.

For this reason, when we cross over we are still connected with those in the Physical Realm who are in our Spirit group. We want to help those in our “family” with their everyday lives and help them to grow Spiritually with our assistance from this the Spirit Realm. We must try to remain connected with those in the Physical Realm in order to help them.

This is not an easy thing for us to do because many people who are in the Physical Realm do not believe that this is possible. Many believe that we cease to exist after crossing over and, therefore, cannot be contacted or remain connected. Others believe that we continue on but we cannot or it is not permissible to contact or connect with the Spirit Realm. There are many who explain away every sign and communication because they believe they are not able to connect with us because they are not “one of those people”.

WE must learn to keep an open mind about these things in order to connect. The open mind is the most important thing to do when wanting to connect with the Spirit Realm. We must remember that this is a big Universe and anything is possible. We also need to be more relaxed in both our mind and body. To do this one must learn to meditate. We must begin to be able to be more in the moment also.The problem is that so many people are in the past or the future and this makes it very difficult for us to connect with you when you are not in the moment. The best thing to do to be connected is to practice mindfulness. To practice mindfulness one must learn to be very focused o the task at hand. When you are doing something try your best to be very aware of what you are doing. Do not do a task while in another moment. To remain aware stay very focused on what you are doing right now. Not what you were doing ten minutes ago nor what yo need to do later. This moment right now is all that is important. By being aware of this you will get into the habit of being in the moment and you will be able to connect with Spirit much easier.

We must begin to understand that we need to remain connected with both sides of the veil. All are important in our lives and our existence in general. We have people in the Physical Realm to help us and we have those in the Spirit Realm to help us. We need both and we need to remain connected to be able to learn and live as fully as possible. – John