One of my many, many plants: my hibiscus, which I am so proud of.

All of my life I have felt like I do not belong here. Truthfully, I really do not like it here much of the time (except when in nature) and I really do not understand how society works. I sometimes think that the moment I was born I said, “what the hell am I doing back here again?” It would not surprise me if I wanted to turn right around and go back.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a great life. I have many hobbies, a few great friends, family, etc. But many times I get the feeling of being in prison and feeling very heavy. It is as if I feel trapped or squished into a very small space.

This has lead to me having trouble remaining grounded all of my life. I was always getting into trouble at school for daydreaming. I wandered around in a dream much of the time and received complaints that I moved much too slow. When at work I was always getting complaints that I did not pay attention to detail and moved slowly. I think if I ever would have had a job that were right for me, this would not have happened. I hated my job but was afraid to say so due to the fear of being labeled lazy, especially since I wanted to be with my sons, being a housewife and mother.

For the majority of my life I had no idea what being grounded was. To me it was getting into trouble and being punished my parents and then later my children being in need of reprimanding. It was not until I began studying Spirituality and learning how to meditate that I began to realize what the term meant.

There was a day last summer that I became more ungrounded than I could ever remembering being before. I began to feel very wobbly and lightheaded. Everything also began to look as if I was not in the 4th or 5th dimension, but much higher. I often see things as being very vibrant and detailed when I am in the 5th dimension but this was even more extreme. I texted my cousin in a panic and she told me to go hang onto a tree. I took her advice and did every grounding technique I could think of. This worked and I felt much better.

About a year and a half ago I was at church and it was All Message Sunday. The Reverend told me that she had a message for me from my father. She said he was showing her a garden and she asked if I like to garden. I told her it was one of my passions. She said that my dad wanted me to keep gardening because it helped to keep me grounded. A few months later my cousin said that she had a reading a few years earlier in which my dad gave her the same advice. I think that when you do anything that has to do with nature it helps keep you connected with Gaia and grounded.

When we can  begin to understand the importance of grounding we can then lead a more balanced life. Being in the Spirit realm is great but when you are incarnated you need to also be here. You need to have a balance between the two because only being aware of the Physical Realm is also not good. We must remember that we are Spirits first but have incarnated for good reasons; therefore, we need to be aware of both and balanced. – Michelle