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Remaining grounded is very important for our emotional, mental and Spiritual health. We must understand that we need to remain grounded in order to function better in this Physical Ream. We need to be aware of what is going on around us in this realm as well as other realms. This is somethingĀ  that is very difficult to learn to do but it can be accomplished.

Being grounded is not as difficult as one might think. For many it is very easy and they can remain grounded all day without effort. For others the problem is remaining in the Physical Realm. The most important thing is to have a balance between being grounded and having an awareness of other realms. We are Spiritual beings incarnated into a physical body for specific reasons and we must have awareness of all aspects of ourselves.

We can know we are not grounded when our minds are very much elsewhere and we daydream a lot. There are also physical symptoms of not being grounded. The most common is being clumsy, dizziness or vertigo or a feeling of not really “being here”.

The most effective way to ground yourself is through meditation. Imagining a red cord that goes from the base of your spinal cord down through the ground to the center of the Earth is very good for grounding yourself. There are also activities that are helpful such as yoga, gardening, walking in the woods, physical activity of any kind, etc. The point is to have a good awareness and relationship with your body. This awareness will help to keep you grounded in this Realm.

There are many who really do not like being in this realm and really do not want to be here. This causes many problems with effectively achieving tasks in the Physical Realm. The problem is that there are things that must be done in the Physical Realm as well as the Spiritual. We must learn to maintain a balance between the two.

We must understand that we need to have a balance between being in the Physical Realm and being in the Spiritual Realm. We need to understand that we are incarnated Spiritual beings who need to be aware of both realms. The reasons for this are many but we need to understand that we need to have both a Spiritual life as well as a Physical life. When we can achieve a balance between the two Realms we can then be effective at having a full and rounded existence. We can more easily achieve the tasks and goals that we came here to do. – John