This is so wonderful. We could not have explained it better ourselves and John is even in the Spirit Realm now. Please read.


We are programmed to function and operate in only 3D from birth. Mostly everything we encounter in our physical, social, economic, educational, and religious experience teaches us and molds us to sustain a 3D existence. This is due to the needs of the capitalist economy we were born into and the matrix created to fulfill those needs. As we become enlightened, and eventually awake, we move from 3D to 5D. We can only make this move by releasing all of those things we were taught and conditioned to believe we “NEED” in 3D.

Most of these “needs” are so deeply embedded in our subconscious minds, that we don’t even realize that we are holding on to thoughts and routines that are no longer serving us. It can be scary to literally disrupt the foundation of our physical existence….on purpose, by letting go of the things we have been taught since…

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