We found another important blog piece to share. I (Michelle) have been trying to conquer this lately. I have found my most common negative thought is “I hate myself.” It would not surprise me if this was John’s most common thought (he says yes). But his mama has always loved him and thinks he is wonderful.

I think we need to be more aware of our thoughts. Thoughts become our reality when they are repetitive. We must learn to discern what thoughts are based in reality and which are not. – John


“The constant creeping of ANTs will wear away the stone.”

– Unknown

“Our ants? Like the marching little insects that like to plague our picnics?”

No, but you’re close – our ANTs can be quite intrusive and annoying little things.

Allow me to explain.

ANTs is an acronym that stands for automatic negative thoughts.

These are the thoughts that happen without conscious awareness or decision. They suddenly pop up and hinder any positive change or growth we’re attempting to create.

What do they sound like?

  • I should
  • I can’t..
  • I never..
  • I always

They may also show up in the form of:

  • Fortune telling: “If I do this presentation, I will fall flat on my face and everyone will make fun of me, just like the last time.”
  • Labeling: “I didn’t say hi to everyone at the party. I am such a failure

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