More words of wisdom from Unfiltered Truth.


One day, I hope that all my “Black Conscious” friends realize that being angry is not really effectively raising the consciousness of this planet. Yes, it is absolutely necessary that we have a true knowledge of Self. Yes, we need to be aware of what has been and is still going on behind the history and systems of this physical world. Yes, we do need to unify, build, and support each other in our socio-economic endeavors. Yes, we need to rebuild our communities and create our own systems of education, finance, health, and commerce.
But no, we do not need to expend our precious energy on hating those that have hated us for centuries.

On the contrary, we need to use our energy wisely and transmute the BS that is pushed our way. Instead of allowing our vibration to be manipulated and controlled by the systems we disagree with, we…

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