“The Red Winged Black Bird” by Michelle Buchheit-Schill

Many of us feel that there is only one way to do something or to get somewhere. We must have strict reasons and steps for getting from point A to point B. We then begin to believe that our way is the only way. We need to have that hard and fast, solid truth. We begin to think that “Truth” is a concrete answer for everyone and there is only ONE truth. It is then that we become arrogant, closed minded and unloving towards others. We begin to lack compassion for anyone who does not see things our way. We begin to seek only hose who believe exactly as we do and we shun hose who believe something else because they could be a bad influence on us and cause to begin to take other perspectives into consideration.

This is what has become of our society. It began thousands of years ago; however, this was not what was originally intended. The thing was that people were very Spiritual at one point. The ancient civilizations were much more advanced than we are today because they were much more Spiritual than we are. To help others with their Spiritual lives, the people who were the most Spiritually advanced came up with steps, plans and rules to help those that were less advanced. This was all meant to help others and done in a compassionate manner.

The problem began when someone decided that they could use this to control others, make themselves important and become wealthy. This is where it all began to go wrong. This where the masses began to lose their freedoms and free thought. People began to trust the ones who were making these rules. They stopped thinking for themselves and turned towards the guidance of others for their Physical and Spiritual lives.

There is a reason that we all have different ways of believing and living our lives. There is a reason that we all did not incarnate as identical clones and we all think differently. There has been no mistake on the part of the Creator and there is no deviance in any person on this planet. We can talk all we like about how this person’s lifestyle is sinful or that person is not the same religion as we are which means that God does not love and accept them. The truth of the matter is that our Creator designed things as they are for the purpose of experience. When someone says that God hates this group of people or hates this lifestyle or another, they are very wrong.There is no one that our Creator hates. The Creator is not capable of hate. The Creator has us incarnate so that the Creator may experience through us. There is a reason that we need to experience these things. We must understand that we need to be more open minded because the Creator is very open minded. That we need to be able to be more like our Creator is much more important that following standards which were created by society and not the Creator. We must begin to understand that we can make choices for ourselves without listening to those in power in government and religions. The purpose of living a life is for experience. When we are being controlled by others it limits our experiences. We are then living someone else’s life and not our own. This defeats the purpose of incarnation. We must begin to think for ourselves and connect to the Spirit Realm.

We must remember that we have our own moral compass , which is actually the Higher Self. The Higher Self guides you so that you know what you should and should not do. The problem is that by relying on others to tell us what is right and wrong and what we should do, we have lost our connection to our Higher Selves and the Spirit World in general. We have lost our moral compass so that we no longer know right from wrong. We now think we need rules, laws and controls because we have given the proof that those in control needed to be in control:  the total loss of connection with the Spirit Realm, which causes lack of morality.

There is a reason that there are religions who condemn those who are connected to the Spirit Realm. When people are able to connect to the Spirit Realm, they can obtain knowledge and guidance to know right from wrong and how to be able to care for themselves and think for themselves without the powers that be. The powers that be do not want this. When we become more open to the Spirit Realm, then they begin to lose their power.

It is only when we can be truly be open minded that we can be truly free. We can then be free enough to love ourselves and others. We must be honest with ourselves and others to be able to live the most fulfilling and rewarding life possible. When we have enough confidence in ourselves that we do not need to convince others to believe, think and feel as we do, then we will be limitless. – John