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“Schizophrenia is a self-fulfilling prophecy.” – Alan Watts


Again today I was listening to another lecture by Alan Watts. He said the above and then proceeded to explain that when you ask someone if they are feeling okay, they begin to exhibit symptoms even if they had previously been feeling fine. Should you ask someone this and they say they are feeling fine and then you follow up with “I thought you look a little pale today” they then have this in their head. They will then begin to experience symptoms such as nausea, headache, body aches, etc. They can go to the doctor who will run tests and then tell them they are perfectly fine. The issue is then resolved and over with.

He then went on to explain that if someone acts in a way which others feel is different than what society has dictated, they are asked if they are OK. Should they say they are fine they are not believed. Should they go to talk to a therapist or a psychiatrist, or worse, check into a psychiatric ward, everything they say is suspect even if it is perfectly “normal” and honest. Should they be asked a question and they are reluctant to answer, they are diagnosed as uncooperative or paranoid. Should they answer eagerly they are suspected of playing games with the psychiatric staff. Should they begin to act out to get the attention they are not receiving from the doctor, they are told “see, you are crazy. Look how far gone you are.” It is basically a no win situation for the patient. They become frustrated and begin to believe what others say about them thus exhibiting more and more symptoms because they merely give up and stop trying.

I am well aware of this scenario because I have lived it. Now, I will admit, that in my younger years, I had plenty of good therapists who listened to me and did not invalidate me. After getting married, I could not find a decent therapist no matter how hard I tried to cooperate. At first things were okay but then my husband insisted on speaking with my therapist. It was downhill from then on. I suddenly was no longer credible. I was told that I do not see things clearly, my feelings and thoughts were not real, etc. I then just gave up, exhibited more and more symptoms and became worse. I was given many different diagnoses over the years that I was told I would suffer with for the rest of my life. This ended up not to be true. When I convinced myself not to believe the lies people told me about myself, the mental illness went away. I merely had severe depression which was exacerbated by those around me egging it on. I have not suffered from any mental illness in many, many years.

After listening to Alan Watts’ lecture, I began to think about this. After John wrote his post earlier today, I began to think how this also applies to society and the loss of critical thinking throughout humanity.

The phenomena is the same as how we treat the “mentally ill”. For thousands and thousands of years humanity has been hearing that they are evil, have no moral compass, powerless, wretched, not worthy of the Creator’s love, in need of governing, cannot think or make decisions for themselves, etc. Told this so often, humanity began to believe the lies. Humanity then cut themselves off from all connection to the Spirit World and anything Spiritual at all and allowed others to do it for them.

Out of frustration, humanity began to exhibit the symptoms of the illnesses they were told they had. Humanity begged for others to do the thinking for them. Begged for rulers, kings and governments to make every decision right down to the toilet paper they purchase being regulated, while our food and water systems were being poisoned all the while.

We also bought into the lie that we are not worthy to have a relationship on our own with our Creator, Higher Selves, Spirit Guides, Angels, or any Spiritual being whatsoever. We are so horrid that we need intermediaries to do this for us. That, in and of itself, sounds awfully suspicious to me.

It is way past time for us to think for ourselves. We must give ourselves the credit we so richly deserve. The credit our Creator gives us. We have the ability to think and make decisions for ourselves. We have the ability to know right from wrong if only we were given the chance to do so. We deserve healthy food, water, air, etc. We are worthy to know and have a relationship with our Creator and the Spirit Realm personally and on our own terms.

We must stop believing the lies so that we can be our true selves. So that we may live free and joyous lives. – Michelle