As I have often wondered who “They” are, I also wonder who decides what is right and wrong, good or bad, sane or insane (I believe it is probably the elusive “They”). This very enlightening lecture by Alan Watts touches on these subjects, particularly sanity and insanity and how it relates to mysticism. I can truly relate to the beginning of this lecture as I have experienced first hand the process of the psychiatric system and their institutions. I have often pondered the very points he speaks about as I sat in psychiatric hospitals. The majority decides what is normal and if you veer off the “normal path”, you are deemed insane and imprisoned. The truth is that if the majority had any courage whatsoever and decided to be their true selves, then they would be considered insane. So who is truly insane? We need to reconsider our judgment of others to truly be free and loving. To truly have a healthy society. Was I truly insane or was it merely my psychic abilities? – Michelle