These are very beautiful and pertinent words from one of our most honored Ascended Masters.


“Expression, movement, and being are about what is eternal passing through what is temporal. Thus I return you to the lesson on “pass through” which was contained within this Course. The Course sought to teach you to develop a relationship with all that passes through you. Now is the time when the fruit of those efforts will be reaped. For what passes through you now is a relationship without end. What passes through you now is the eternal come to replace the temporal.” (ACOL, D:15.12)

The lesson on “pass through” is Chapter 22 of the first book in A Course of Love, entitled simply “The Intersection.” In this Chapter 22, Jesus talks about the pass through of a onion by a needle, passing through the layers of the onion. This type of intersection doesn’t have any relevance to real life, as Jesus points out, but it IS relevant to the…

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