“The Present Moment” Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

We need to be able to get the point where we an take responsibility fr our actions without taking all the burden upon our own shoulders. We must become Spiritually mature enough to admit to admit our wrong doings and also to admit what we have done right. There are those that very often believe that everything is their fault. They take responsibility for things that were not their doing because they do not have confidence in themselves. There are those who take no responsibility for their actions because they are not brave enough and try to hide through through arrogance.

We must be able to discern what is and is not our responsibility. We must be able to be brave enough to claim our responsibility, admit it, forgive ourselves whether or not others choose to forgive us or not, let it go and move on. We must be able to realize what is not our responsibility but the responsibility of others. We must be able to not take on the burdens of others. We must not believe that their wrongs are somehow our fault.

When we begin to be able to do this, we begin to understand what forgiveness truly is. The truth is that forgiveness is not forgetting about the matter and returning to it. Forgiveness is the acceptance of what you or another did, acknowledging that you hurt another or that you were hurt by another and then letting it go. We need to be willing to admit that we were wrong or that we were hurt. It is only then that we can begin heal and move toward a much fuller life. Forgetting is very dangerous because we then put ourselves in the position of it occurring again.

True freedom and happiness can only occur when we can begin to take responsibility for ourselves and only ourselves. When we an begin to accept what has happened and let it go and move on with our lives in this present moment then we will be truly happy. We need to be able to have an understanding of why these things occurred. Why did we react the way that we did? Why did the other person react the way that they did? What events led up to the situation? When we can begin to be able to answer these questions and have a better understanding of them, we can then begin to understand what we should and should not take responsibility for.

We must begin to look within to find this truth about what we are and are not responsible for. We must begin to have the courage with ourselves and others to be honest. We must begin to be open with our feelings and say what needs to be said to clear the air. This way our relationships will be open and relaxed. We will not have to worry about what we should or should not say to someone. We will better be able to enjoy the company of others and the company of ourselves. – John