There is great information in this blog piece about clearing your energy and the energy in your home.


We’ve now learned what energy is, how energy shows up within our bodies, and how to heal our energy centers.

Today, I want to speak about clearing our energy body.

Whereas healing our chakras clears and paves the room for better energy flow within us, this is all about clearing the energy that surrounds us.

We may seem like we’re nothing more than a physical body, but as we’ve learned we have multiply layers of subtle energy bodies surrounding us. These layers are what makes up our aura. Our auras are a lot like a piece of Velcro. Not only do they contain all that we are in everygiven moment – thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. – but they also contain that of those we come in contact with. We’re constantly picking up energy fields around us, and they end up sticking to our aura…

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