Cleveland And Lake Erie. Photography by Michelle Buchheit-Schill

I think that we all need to have support along our Spiritual journey. We need to find like minded people to help us along our path so we are not lonely. When we begin to Awaken our lives change and therefore, so do the people in them. We begin to notice that old friends, and maybe even family members, will leave our lives. Those who stay do not understand what we are going through and we cannot talk to them about it. We begin to feel very alone and isolated.

It is because of this that we need to have the Universe bring new people into our lives. We must be open to allow the Universe to do this. When we do this we will begin to attract the people that we need into our lives to help us with our journey and growth. We need to understand that these people may or may not be here to stay. It is dependent on the purpose in each of your lives. When we begin to let the Universe take over, we begin to be less lonely, have others to talk to about our experiences who understand what we are going through and we will then have a more fulfilling life.

We need to understand that not everyone in our lives will understand or accept the change in us. They may be concerned about our welfare, concerned about our eternal life or our mental health. That is not our problem, it is theirs. Only we now the right path for us as individuals. This is why we need to find like minded people to support us and talk to.

We can do this by finding on-line groups,blogs, etc.; however, it is important to find others like us in our area too. We need to have people we can meet with and enjoy time with. there are many Spiritualists Churches, Unity Churches, etc. popping up all over the place. These churches seem to be well suited for those who are awakening Spiritually because they are very open minded and accepting of all. They do not believe there is only one path to god; therefore, it is a comfortable place for those who are Spiritually Awakening.

You can also find groups in your area for people who are Awakening. The best thing to do is to go on line and do a search for groups and activities in your area. Meetup.com is an excellent place to search out groups within your local radius.

I think that we must begin to understand that it is okay for us to change and grow. It is perfectly fine for the people who are in your life to come and go, even if it is family. We must remember that those who truly love and care about us will be there even if they do not understand the Spiritual Journey we are on. We must be very open to these changes in ourselves, our life, our circle of friends and family and even with the people who do or do not understand us. We must not resist what is going on. When we resist it causes us unhappiness. We cannot try to  please everyone; therefore, we must please ourselves. There are many changes when  we begin to Spiritually Awaken and the best thing to do is to not resist those changes. We must learn to not worry about what others will think. It is our journey and not theirs. – John.