I have read many blog pieces this week about women. They were are very good and spoke about the burden and injustices we bear. This, however, spoke to me the loudest. This was the one that truly hit home with me. This to me is the deepest.

Open Thought Vortex

By Sean J Mahoney


DJT got knocked up. Though
DJT had been careful, took
precautions, employed
condoms and rhythm, took
the pill and the morning after
pill. Even abstained from sex
and yet it happened.

It may have been an uncle
or even the father. An abusive
boyfriend. DJT did just not
know. Cared not to say anything
for shame cuts deep when
uncoupled from reason and
safety for the woman. DJT’s
life became measured by
the affect the pregnancy
had on the community
and the country.

And when DJT bled and could
not stop bleeding DJT was
shunned because there are no
accidents or sexual abuse
or rape or miscarriage or
complication as the horror
release by these dramatics
is nothing if not mere theatrics
right? DJT advocated for the tube:
blessed the body of the woman
in the name of the vagina,
the uterus, and the holy…

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