FontCandy (8)

Art by Michelle Schill

We need to understand that it takes much more courage to be emotional and share our feelings with others than it takes to be closed and hold back our feelings. The truth is that you are not a pillar of strength when you hide your emotions and act like nothing bothers you, that you do not feel strongly about things or that you have the perfect life. We have been taught this lie for many centuries and it has slowly destroyed our society. We must let our guard down in order to heal ourselves and our society. We can only do this by being brave enough to make this change in ourselves first. We must understand that we need to be more aware of our feelings and then be open to sharing them with those concerned. We must not be afraid, embarrassed or made to feel that we are being too harsh to be able to fix the damage that has been done.

Being pen and honest about our feelings with ourselves and others has been very underrated in our society. We have been taught that keeping our feelings and thoughts to ourselves is better for us and others. The walls we build for ourselves are thought to be indications of strength and virtue. The outward show of emotion or honesty is seen as either weakness or selfishness. The problem is that with this is that it not only destroys relationships but it destroys our psyche as well.

We must be able to learn to be more open with our feelings, thoughts and opinions. When we begin to understand that others not agreeing with us is perfectly okay and unnecessary, we will begin to be more apt to share our feelngs, thoughts and opinions. This will cause our relationships to strengthen and grow. Should the opposite happen, this means that that relationship was not right for you.

When we begin to be more open we then begin to be free. We then begin to feel better about who we truly are. This causes better mental, emotional and Spiritual health. The freedom we feel will be like nothing else we have ever experienced before. We will now know true happiness, true joy.

The truth is that it must be done with care, love and respect for all involved. We must realize that we can share and be open while not hurting others and trampling over their feelings. We need to be able to be ourselves and defend ourselves without hurting others.

When we begin to understand these things, we will begin to have a much better ability to be accepting of what has happened in our lives and of who we and others are. We will be able to let go of the need for everyone to agree with us and defend us. We no longer have need of the victim mentality.

I think that when society begins to learn this concept, then our world will become more peaceful, more unified and more loving. – John