This is my mom’s altar that she changes with the seasons. This helps with the energy in her home.

We recently shared some blog pieces about energy, chakras and the energy body. These pieces are very good information and we must learn to be more aware of these energies around us. We must begin to understand that we are much more than just the physical body. We are Spirit, which is made up of energy. This energy cannot be seen by the physical human eye (although there are some who can see it).

In order to maintain our health on a holistic level we must learn about these energies and how to care for them. We must be aware that putting a “band aid” on an ailment and expect it to be cured.

We many times hear people say that the answers lie within. This is one of those cases. When we are sick physically, mentally, emotionally or Spiritually, we must look within for our answers. The medication is helpful to assist us but it will not solve the problem. The cure is not within the medication.

We can heal ourselves and others through our knowledge of energy. The more we learn about energy and are aware of it, the healthier we can become. We can cure ourselves and others with this knowledge.

Energy makes up everything in the Universe, whether you n see it or not. There is nothing that is not energy. Even an inanimate object that looks solid is vibrating with energy. We must understand that we cannot see everything there is with our physical eyes and  science has not yet discovered everything. We need to be open to the fact that just because we cannot see it or measure it does not mean it is not there.

When we begin to be more aware of the energy that is around us, we will begin to become healthier individuals and have a healthier society. We can do this through studying, psychic mediums, energy healers, the Spiritual teachers that are all around us and being more open in our thoughts and beliefs. There will be a day when this will happen but it is not yet here. We have much learning and work to do. – John