“A Mother’s Light Show” by Michelle Schill

When I was a child my abilities were very effortless. I did not have to try or meditate to make it happen (I did not even know what meditation was). Spirits just appeared and we had fun. They were my playmates. I also was able to see auras and energy around everyone and everything.

After not using my abilities for many years, I became very rusty. After John crossed over I decided to turn them on full force but it has taken a lot of work. My abilities are still not what they were when I was a child but they are slowly getting there.

Besides communicating with Spirit, I can see energy again. Although I can see energy around people, I cannot see their auras. There was one occasion a couple of years ago when I saw a blue aura around a man who was playing the guitar in a music store but that was the last time.

What I see now around people, animals and objects is a white energy which is sparkly and wavy. I can tell how emotional someone is at one given moment by how large their energy is around their physical body and how much it is expanding and contracting. When my dog is in a particularly good mood, sparks actually go flying when he wags his tail. I tell him that he is extra sparkly today.

I also see a lot of light of many different colors. I have found that Spirits have their own unique color. I will often see orbs in white or off-white (these belong to my sons John and Ricky), blue (usually my daughter Tina) and red (most of the time my Uncle Wes). My father appears as a greenish color.

The lights do not only appear in orbs but in tiny sparkles around my home. I will often get large blue flashes which look like lightening bolts suddenly dash across my path (I am not sure what Tina is doing but I like to think she is dancing or playing). I will often see a ball of white floating and dashing at the ceiling. I can also see these sparkles in the shape of a human body. My dad formed his shape in sparkles next to my mailbox one time (he was a mail carrier). I also see the shapes of people in shadow. I have seen my children’s shapes many times and John just put his hand in front my laptop screen in the form of a shadow. When I am in the right “place”, as in very much in the moment with a clear and open mind and totally relaxed body, I can see the form of Spirits clearly. This does not yet happen as often as I would like.

There is one Spirit of a human that I see more easily and more clearly than everyone else. I see him so clearly that when he walks by the window I must do a double take to see if it is an incarnated person or it if it is him. There is a Spirit of a Native American Iroquois man who lived on this property in the 1600’s. He is so attached to this place that he has stuck around. The first time I remember seeing him was when I was sitting in my living room and he walked through my kitchen. I was so shocked that I had to ask John who was in my kitchen. I live in a century home that was divided into four apartments. Last summer my two upstairs neighbors were working in the yard. I was standing in my kitchen smudging myself while gazing out the back door. I see this gentleman walking up the drive until he got to the large pine by the drive. He never reappeared on the other side of the pine and my two neighbors did not notice a thing. I have also seen the Spirit of the woman who was the original owner of this house 116 years ago. I was outside taking photos and when I downloaded them on my computer she was looking out of the upstairs window.

I seem to be able to see the energies of animals much easier than human. This is because I am much more comfortable with animals than humans. I can see their forms much more clearly, as if they were still in the physical realm. I can most easily do this with birds. I love to watch the birds outside because they are so beautiful and so free. I will be watching a bird fly across the sky or playing near the trees and it suddenly disappears into thin air. This is how I know it was a Spirit and not an incarnation. There are no buildings or structures for the birds to disappear behind as I live in a rural area and there are many pastures surrounding my home.

I know that I do not see all the energy around people, animals and objects. I believe I only see a small portion and that our energies are so large that they touch and intermingle with each other. There is, however, an energy field which most refer to as “personal space”. When the energy of another gets into this field, it may often be uncomfortable. This is when we need to set boundaries.

I think that there really is no such thing as empty space. Energy is everywhere. Within us and without. There is no thing or no space that is not filled with energy. This is the reason that John stressed being aware of your energy this morning. It effects every creature and every object in the Universe because it is the Universe. It effects our physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health. – Michelle