Christian's Birthday Present

“Christian Down On The Farm” Art by Michelle Schill

We had a major power outage in our area today. There is nothing like living in a home that was built before electricity existed during a power outage. I was enjoying myself so much that I was excited when I found out that the electricity was not scheduled to be restored until 8:00 am tomorrow.

I was enjoying the silence. The peace and quiet. There was no buzzing or high pitched noises. It occurred to me that the high pitched noises are mostly due to the electricity. From spring until fall (especially fall) there is always a high pitched noise due to farm equipment in addition to electricity. When it is hay making time it is horrendous. John mentioned that he thought sounds were high pitched to me because I can hear into the Spirit Realm. After he said this I remembered I heard someone else say the same thing about their own abilities awhile back. Anyway, the silence was beautiful.

A few months ago I purchased a butane burner which is approved for indoor use. I was so excited to be able to use it for the first time today. I was having so much fun that John said, “mom, you’re having way too much fun with this.” He was right. I was definitely enjoying myself. My four children and I planned to make popcorn on my new burner and enjoy it by lantern and candlelight. Yes, Spirit can enjoy food and drink with us. I am not sure exactly how this works but maybe John, Tina or Ricky will explain it sometime. And, of course, my youngest is in the Physical Realm and was greatly looking forward to popcorn while “roughing it”.

I began to contemplate how easy it would be to live without electricity. I realize that it is even easier for someone like me to say such a thing. I hate technology and I love peace and quiet and solitude. I began to realize that this was very similar to when we used to go camping. Instead of a grill I was using a butane burner, but it is similar. When the house began to get a little chilly I thought about how my landlord could reopen the fireplaces in the house and we can do away with that retched furnace that makes the house way too hot when it is running (it would save my landlord a ton of money as she pays for the gas). The only problem would be the well. The well has a pump which uses electricity to pump the water to house; however, how did water get to the house before electricity?

I believe there are resources that we have been forced to pay for, which we really should not have to pay for. Electricity is one of them. I may sound like a raving lunatic but there was once a very smart man who felt the same (I believe there were a few more but they mysteriously disappeared or died). His name was Tesla. I really must agree with him. We could so easily live off the grid and on the cheap.

This evening I was very happy when I was lighting all my lanterns and candles and spreading them throughout the house. When I finished I settled myself on my couch in the living room. As soon as my cula hit the cushion the electricity came back on. I was disappointed, to say the least.

I sent a text to my youngest son to let him know the power is back on. Since he has not responded, I can only assume he is somewhere where electricity and wi-fi have not been restored. – Michelle