Christian and John. August 2012.

I have always been very careful about what I speak and write about because I have always worried about sounding crazy to others. I have decided that I am no longer going to worry about sounding crazy. If someone wishes to believe that I am crazy then that is their choice and not my issue. I have decided that I will talk about things that others do not when the desire overcomes me. For instance, yesterday I spoke about my experiences with meditation. Before writing that piece I was thinking about how many people write about meditation all the time; however, no one has ever discussed (at least not to my knowledge) what one may experience while meditating. I have heard and read things about how to meditate and the benefits of meditation but that was always where it ended.

These thoughts of yesterday lead me to thinking about the need to be more open minded in all areas of existence.

My first issues with open mindedness began a few years ago regarding having respect for other’s religious beliefs. This is at the top of my list of pet peeves. I believe this is because the last Christian church I attended was extremely conservative, strict, closed minded and felt their way was the only way and all others were condemned to hell. Evangelism is a huge issue in this church and one day one of the pastors mentioned I should join the evangelism mission. When I refused, he told me he thought I would be good at it because I am a good speaker (yes, I am too shy for social situations but have no problem getting in front of a large group and speaking). This mission group went around to people’s homes and beat the homeowner’s over the head with bibles (figuratively, not literally). This is something, even during my days of extreme Christianity, that I was vehemently against. I have always found it rude to push my beliefs on others so I refused to do it no matter what the church said.

I was a Christian until I was in my mid-forties and even named my youngest child Christian (I have always loved the name and it is my great-grandfather’s name also). During this time I tried to be a “good girl” and blindly believe what was being taught in the church. I tried very hard to buy everything the priest or pastor was teaching but in my head I kept questioning. The majority of my problem was having access to the Spirit Realm since the day I was born. I learned things that these “people of the cloth” never learned in their schools of religious learning. I had information directly from the horse’s mouth yet no one every spoke about these things in situations that were supposed to be Spiritual. I questioned constantly in my mind but never spoke them aloud. I grew up in a family, society and religious setting where any questioning was met with looks of shock and horror. I remember once that my aunt actually took a step back in order to distance herself from me after something I said. It was as if she were afraid I would be struck down by lightening. Obviously that did not happen since 17 years later I am sitting here writing this and she is now where she has the knowledge that it just does not work like that.

One of the most intelligent and open minded advice I had ever received came from a Christian pastor who happened to be a good friend of mine at the time. It was right after my son, Ricky, crossed over. I had just lost a baby for the second time in a very short period. I was extremely angry at god and questioning my faith. Her response to me was “it is okay to be mad at god. He is a big boy. He can handle it.” I was shocked at this because it was the first time anyone had ever given me permission to be angry. Fast forward seventeen years, this same pastor attended the memorial service for my oldest son, John. I reminded her of her giving me this advice when Ricky crossed. She told me that she still gives that advice to people and they always find it helpful.

I guess my problem is that people blindly believe whatever they are told. They never seem to question anything, especially if the person telling them has a degree, letters after their name, wearing a white collar or robe, standing behind  a pulpit or wearing a uniform. Is reading it in a book really enough? Is someone else’s experience truly enough proof for you? It is not for me. Just because someone tells you something is so does not mean you have to believe it. What is your experience? Have you experienced what they have? Does the information feel right to you? Does it resonate with you?

I am using Christianity as an example merely because it is what I am most familiar with. I am not trying to pick on just this group because I have many wonderful and open minded Christians in my life. I know there are other groups with similar mind sets but I am not as familiar with them. I have a problem with people insisting to me that what they believe is the only way and if I do not believe as they do horrible things will happen to me and I will spend eternity in hell (I happen to know there is no such place). When I attempt to question people on why they believe this, I usually receive a response such as “because the bible say so.” Of course, this leads me to question how they can be certain the bible is correct. The response is that it was written by god. I then ask how they can be so certain it is written by god and they respond “because the bible says so.” My response is “huh?”

Now, I believe that there are many texts out there that are channeled and are written by Spirit, even Source/The Creator/God/Universe. Naturally, I believe this is so because I channel my son, John, so that he can write his blog posts. These days he needs my hands in order to type. This does not mean that I, nor anyone else, must buy into every channeled text they read. These even includes what John and I write. If something does not resonate with you then you need to either leave it or do your own research and seek out your own experience. There are many parts of the bible that I believe could be channeled information from Source; however, there are many parts I cannot believe are from Source. Our intuition is very reliable in assisting us with discerning this. Also, Source is pure love. If you are reading something which is supposedly channeled or inspired information from Source and it is not loving, lowers your vibrational frequency or you have any doubts whatsoever, you have every right to question it. Believe me, Source has no problems with these doubts and questions. If what you believe is causing you to live a fear based life, it is NOT from Source.

I believe that having a closed mind is the opposite of love. When we feel the need to judge others because their religious beliefs are not the same as ours, judge them on their skin color or heritage, judge based on economic status, lifestyle, etc., we are being unloving and spreading fear and hate. I spent nearly my entire life living in fear and hiding. Pretending I was something I was not because as a teen I was told I would go to hell due to the abilities I was born with. This caused me many problems with mental illness, self-hatred and relationships. I think when we are forced to hide and live in fear we must reconsider what we are believing. No one should ever be forced to live like that. Unfortunately, it goes on all over the world and in much worse situations than what I had to live through.

In order to be more open minded we must first learn to relax. This means that we need to be more relaxed in what we believe. We must be willing to accept that there are other possibilities. We must be willing to accept that anything is possible and that there is so much that humanity has not discovered nor knows yet. We must be able to accept that no matter what someone believes, it is perfectly okay. It is their own personal journey and not ours. We must be confident enough in what we know and believe that we do not need others to agree with us. When we can begin to do this we become much more open minded and loving towards others.

The only way we can evolve as the human species and improve our world is to learn to have an open mind, accept others for who they truly are and understand that it is perfectly fine for others to have a different truth than we do. At the end of the day, you will discover that we are all one and come from the same Source. This Source is the epitome of love and open mindedness. He/She/It loves and accepts us all no matter what we believe, who we are and what our lifestyle is. – Michelle