Another informative piece on energy which we wanted to share with you all.


Welcome back to Energy 101!

Today we’re going to move further into the chakras and talk about how to heal them.

We’ve learned how each chakra expresses itself when both balanced and blocked. Blocked simply means a faulty energy flow – the energetic flow is out of balance. This imbalance can show up as either an underactive or overactive chakra.

Finding out whether the blocked chakra is underactive or overactive is important when moving towards healing because our bodies want to be in energetic balance. If the energy is moving too far in either direction within a chakra, it’s counterproductive to our energy bodies and the healing process itself. For example, an underactive chakra will send its energy away from that part of the body and into an already balanced, or even overactive, chakra, causing more blockage and imbalance.

So, how does each chakra express underactivity or overactivity?

Root Chakra

Underactive:  Lack of sense of security…

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