Michelle and John, 1988

My mom has been very good about being open about her life; however,she is not very good at being open about her life’s purpose and Spiritual work. The problem is that she does not have confidence in herself nor her abilities. I think that the society she grew up in plays a major role in this. These things were not really acceptable when she was young so she chose to hide them, even from her closest friends and family. Even from her children so I was quite shocked when I found out who my mother truly is after I crossed over.

I think that she needs to be more open with her abilities and the person that she truly is. I think that should she do this the right people will come into her life. The people that she needs and the people that need her. I believe that this is true for everyone. Only when we are being true to ourselves is when our lives begin to fall into place. We will no longer feel as if we are an outcast because like minded people will come into our lives.

There is a reason that we all came into our lives with a unique personality and unique gifts. We were not meant to be the same and there was not meant to be a norm in society. We never were supposed to fit any “mold”. We came to serve a purpose which the world needs from us on an individual basis.

The fact that so many of us are afraid to be ourselves shows that there are serious problems within our society. We must begin to accept that we are not all the same. We must begin to understand that this is perfectly fine. We will not end up alone or ostracized because the Universe will bring the people we need into our lives.

My mom is finally approaching the point where she is becoming more brave about being herself. She is not caring quite so much about what others think about who she is or what she does. The truth is that she has been very depressed lately and the ME/CFS has been very bad. After she decided that she would no longer care what others thought and just be herself, the depression lifted and the illness has abated. Sometimes when we have a chronic illness it is because our bodies are trying to tell us that we are not in alignment with something. My mom noticed that her illness was an illness that effected her entire system and was not limited to one area of the body. This was a clue that she was out of alignment with her true self. She was trying to be something that she was not.

Should you have an illness, whether it is physical, mental or both, you must take into consideration that there may be something that is not right in your life. Maybe you are not living the purpose that you chose when you entered this life. Maybe you need to reevaluate what you are doing with the life you are leading, the people who you have relationships with, etc.

My mom chose to come into this life to teach about Spirituality and change society’s perception of death. She wants people to know what death truly is. The problem was that her Higher Self is noted for being very shy and stand offish. She needed my mom to work on this issue before she could do what she came here to do. This is why y mom is very bad with speaking her mind. She is very shy by nature. This is a Soul characteristic for her and not a characteristic of merely this life time. We must not let our characteristics get in the way of our purpose. We need to be able to work on these issues so that we may complete the service to humanity which we came to do in this lifetime.

I think that my mom and I came into these lives being able to teach and speak to large groups because it is our purpose to be Spiritual teachers together. My mom is very angry that she had to lose children in order to do this but it has served her purpose.

We must be able to let go of what society thinks so that we can do what we came here to do. We must be able to be our true selves so that we can serve humanity in the way in which we intended. If we do not do these things humanity will not evolve. We must understand that we all have unique purposes, abilities and talents. We must hone our talents and abilities in order to be able to serve the world the best that we can.  What you can do, no one else can. Your services are greatly required for the evolution of humanity. – John