Light Body

“Light Body” by Michelle Schill

As I have mentioned in the past, when I first began to meditate my purpose was because I had heard that it would help me connect with John better. I soon found that the benefits went well beyond that. I found myself to be more focused and my mental health was improving. This all began to have noticeable benefits before I ever became good at meditating. I was only able to meditate a few minutes per day and I could not clear my mind to save my life, yet the improvements were apparent.

At the beginning meditation was extremely difficult. I was not really sure what to do or what to expect. I did much research to find the best way to go about it. I found many methods and a whole lot of advice. What I discovered was that different methods work best for different people and different methods worked best for me at different points along my journey.

As I forged ahead in my meditation journey, I began to meditate for longer periods of time and then I was able to meditate more than once per day. I began to look forward to my meditation breaks.

I believe the first thing that I noticed was that I began to see John’s shadow. It was dark but it was definitely his outline wearing his navy blue spring jacket. I then began to see shapes and colors. The thing I saw the most was a beam of colored light (usually gold) which would begin at the 12:00 position and then slowly move to the 6:00 position, disappear and then start again. I began to see very beautiful colors that reminded me quite a bit of the lava lamp I had back in the day.

I eventually began to see images which were very realistic, vivid and colorful. It felt as if I was really there. These visions were usually of someplace in nature. I remember one time seeing a picnic table with lovely bright green grass all around it.

I eventually got to the point where I could feel sensations in my body. I think the first thing that I noticed was my body slowly moving. It felt as if I were dancing, particularly my head and neck. I then began to notice vibrating and prickling in my feet and legs which these days seems to be mostly in my lips and head. I also get a sensation that a strand of hair is moving across my face. Another sensation I get is not limited to when I meditate but happens throughout my day. That is the feeling of being touched, kissed or an electrical or soft crawling up my hands or feet. These sensations I know are from my children, particularly John.

I eventually came to a point where I began to hover above my body. I do not think this is actually considered astral projection. I do not see anything around me but I feel very light and floaty. The children have told me that I do hover just above my body at these times but do not actually leave it.

I eventually arrived at the point where I could leave my body but I must admit to not being very good at it. I do not have the control I would like and my clarity is very poor when I astral project intentionally. It seems that when I leave my body spontaneously, my clarity is much better. I do need to get more practice at this.

These days I do not get as many visions and colors but I do get colors which are pinpoints and there is always much depth. I have noticed that I can go from everything being dark (with depth) to there being a lot of light and then colors. This is all with the use of an eye mask. I have also reached the point where I can clear my mind for much longer to the point where I have the sensation of merely being consciousness. It is as if my physical body does not exist and the things of the physical world (both physical and any problems) do not exist.

There is also something I do that is merely for fun and it does help me relax at night. When I go to bed I purposefully bounce in and out of my body. I will be lying there with my eyes closed about to go to sleep when I come up out of my body. I can see my entire room. The door, window, dresser, etc. It is as if I am seeing through my closed eyelids. I discovered this quite by accident about two years ago and it is what got me interested in astral projection. I was falling asleep one night when I realized I was looking down at my dresser. I remember thinking this was odd because I could swear my eyes were closed and I should have been looking up at my dresser, since I was lying down, not down at my dresser. I then decided to test this matter by opening my eyes. I found that, indeed, my eyes were closed, I was lying in bed and must look up at my dresser. I closed my eyes again and it happened again. I opened my eyes and was in bed again. The next time I closed my eyes I found myself on my living room couch looking at the coffee table which had all my work supplies strewn about it just as I had left it earlier that evening. Again, I open my eyes to find myself in bed. I closed them again to find myself looking out the living room window. Opened my eyes again to find myself in bed and then finally fell asleep.

I have found that when I do not meditate, I become depressed, unorganized and do not think clearly. These, to me, are the most important benefits of meditation. Of course, it does make me more open to the Spirit Realm, which is also a huge benefit (well…most of the time). – Michelle