Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

We have been discussing how to connect with Spirit in general. Today I would like to discuss how to connect with your Spirit Guides.

Connecting with your Spirit Guides is very important. The reason for this is because they are here to help you with your day to day life. They create the the ideas and decisions that you come to you. Whenever you feel that a decision you have made is very good and it feels right, it means that you have connected with your Guides.

Those times that you feel you have made a mistake, made the wrong decision or it just does not feel right, are the times which you did not connect with your guides when making a decision.

We must learn to make it such a habit to connect with our Guides that it comes naturally and easily. We must get into this habit on a daily basis. The natural thing to do is to try to make decisions on our own because that is what the world has taught us to do. When you begin to realize who we truly are we then you begin to realize that the world is wrong and that connecting with our Spirit Guides is a necessity.

In order to connect with our guides we must have a clear mind and relaxed body. This is best achieved through meditation and yoga. Both practices leave you in a very natural state which the Universe intended. The racing thoughts and constant stress were created by this world and are really not natural. When we can return to our true essence is when we can connect with our Spirit Guides.

Begin by practicing meditation. Meditation is something which must be practiced on a daily basis. It is a commitment but it is very much worth it. You must be patient with yourself because it takes a long time of practicing meditation before you can reach the point where you can clear your mind and totally relax your body.

You will be very aware of when you reach this point in your meditation. You may begin to notice that you see images, colors and shapes even though your eyes are closed. The next point is that you will notice that there is depth even when you are seeing only darkness. The other things you will experience will be physical. You may feel tingling throughout your body, it may feel like strands of hair are brushing your face, or you may feel very light. The experiences vary from person to person but when you begin to notice these things you will be able to tell that your meditation practice is progressing.

Yoga has a similar effect but it is more centered on the physical body. The body is what is the focus of yoga and it is used to balance and center yourself on a physical basis. This is very important when you are trying to connect to your Spirit Guides.

The best methods of connecting to Spirit Guides are to be able to remain clear, open and be able to accept that anything is possible. The problem with most people is that they do not believe that anything is possible. Things that are beyond the physical senses are not considered possible to many people and this is what blocks their experiences of the Spiritual Realm. The reasons that we must be more aware of what we cannot sense with our physical senses is because we need to realize that there is much more beyond the physical. Man has become so conceited that he thinks that we are the end all and be all of everything. Man is so focused on the physical realm that he has lost sight of what truly is. The truth is that the physical realm is the least real of all the realms. We need to be more humble and realize that we are not the only beings in the Universe, nor are we the smartest. We are nowhere near the point of having the ability to discover and know all that there is. We must begin to realize that we are not really human beings but Spirits who chose to incarnate in finite physical bodies for specific purposes. We need to understand that we are much more beyond these physical bodies in order to become all that we truly are.

Another important method in connecting with Spirit Guides to rid yourself of false beliefs. This world has taught us many things which are not true. We have been taught the do’s and don’ts and rights and wrongs which are man made and not deemed by our Creator. It benefits many that we believe our Creator came up with this list of do’s and don’ts but the truth of the matter is that our Creator wants us to be free and limitless. We must understand that we have been told many lies and we are more powerful than what we have been led to believe. I think that many people believe we are mostly God’s chess pieces that he maneuvers and controls. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We have all been assigned Spirits Guides and Angels for a reason. We need to be able to connect with them to receive the most benefit.  – John